Saturday, June 21, 2008

bummer in the summer

well, somewhat. the microphone did not arrive in time for me to record the instore. it also didn't arrive in time for me to record the show. i still recorded the show with what i had (which is a shitty microphone that doesn't seem very minidisc compatible) and the results were depressingly underwhelming to say the least. it seems that it was a repeat of the bjm recording debacle- the music was just loud enough to peak no matter what level i got it to. it doesn't make any fucking sense- but i guess that that's the way it is.
those people at madman audio are lazy assclowns. i went in at 3:30 and the guy was like 'oh it'll be here in 45 minutes to an hour- the guy's driving it right now. i'll call you when he gets here.' i heard nothing all night. they're closed on saturdays too. if i don't hear from them tomorrow i'm just going to buy another mic. i found the one i really wanted on anyway.
it is a drag though because the shows sounded decent despite all of the clipping. what isn't clippy sounds fucking phenomenal. nice!
as for the show- it was pretty good. i was a little underwhelmed by the black angels to be honest- i think my expectations were a bit too high. i liked it, but after about an hour i was ready to go home. 45 minutes would've been about right for where they are at this moment in time. we didn't stay for the encore. i would've much preferred to see the warlocks play a full set rather than the 45 minutes they played- which were phenomenal naturally. the instore was pretty good too- although we were late and missed half of 'song for nico'- kind of a shame- that song's awesome. i'm pretty sure they played it at the metro the first time we saw them.
mebbe next time... *sigh*
the black angels sounded pretty good live, it's just that their music is really not very diverse. i hadn't really noticed until we were watching them play. once they played my favourite song i noticed it started to drag a bit. i felt like their set kind of ground to a bit of a whimper. they ended it with 'never/ever' which is an awesome song on the cd, but live it just kind of sounded sort of weak after the intro part with the stark drumbeat that builds into that awesome noisy stuff in the middle. it was very strange because one would think that the first half wouldn't work at all live and the second half would, but it was the other way around. i shall dub this show 'topsy turvy.' the band that should've played the opening set played the headlining set and the band that should've played the headlining set played the opening set. helpful hint- don't headline after a band that's had way more experience and is better live than you. i think i'd be good with going to see the black angels again when they aren't playing after one of my favourite bands ever. i think in time they'll probably get to the point where they can captivate an audience for over an hour. i don't quite feel like they're there yet. of course i could be wrong- the first time we saw the warlocks we were there to see the gris-gris and said pretty much the same thing and now we love the warlocks and i can't remember the last time i've even bothered to listen to the gris-gris. i don't have their last album.
in other news, our cover record is done and has been sent to our dad's for dad's day. i uploaded it to our website too if you want to hear it. if any of the owners of the copyrights of these songs wants us to remove them then i'd be happy to oblige- just drop me a line here.

1. ring the bells (the kinks)
2. harvest moon (neil young)
3. long, long, long (the beatles)
4. play with fire (the rolling stones)
5. 4th time around (bob dylan)
6. nighttime (big star)
7. suzanne (leonard cohen)
8. knock loud (neko case)
9. candy says (the velvet underground)

that 'candy says' is the first song stefanie and i ever sang together. she couldn't hear the backing track because we only had one pair of headphones so all she had to sing along with was me. kind of neat. we did 'the weather king' right after that in the same way- as in minutes after we listened to it and stefanie's been in the band ever since. hope someone enjoys these.

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