Friday, June 20, 2008

hee hee- dumbasses

my quest for a microphone was successful yesterday- quite a surprise. i guess i shouldn't get too cocky about it- it's supposed to arrive at madman audio today at 3pm. i'm basically going to have to go down there and pick it up and go straight to lorna's laces to meet up with stefanie right after i get it, go straight to the warlocks instore, go straight home, hopefully eat something, go drive straight to logan square auditorium, leave right when it's over, go home and go to sleep immediately and then process the whole madness tomorrow at work where i will be completely wiped.
here is a beautiful thing- i did indeed get a payment invoice from the assclowns from whom i tried to buy a microphone on ebay. they think i didn't pay. suddenly as i was gathering all of my evidence and formulating my terse email demanding that they return my money or i will report them to ebay i realised that when they emailed me to confirm my shipping address i kept the message. i went back to read it and the guy who wrote said in the email- 'should i send the microphones to the address that came with your paypal payment.' bwahahahahahahahaahah!!!!! they're so screwed. i'm so glad. at the same time it's not a big deal, because i'd rather just get my money back and have that be the end of it. if they refund me with no problems i'm not going to report them or give them negative feedback- i don't see why they wouldn't what with all the shit i have. i even have a member of their staff saying i paid for it.
so i'm pretty excited- my heart's in my throat hoping that this microphone comes in today on time-ish. i hope the whole thing works. i have all of the stuff in my bag already in preparation. wheeee!

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