Tuesday, June 17, 2008

space travel rock 'n roll

yes, i went to swervedriver on saturday. i've also pretty much been without internet for about three or four days or so now. i've been forced to bring the laptop to work so that i can get my internetting done. there are also problems with my cdman order. *sigh*. they haven't even started on it yet because the lady who keeps emailing me for my approval of the payment amount can't seem to figure out how to attach a file to an email. she did manage to paste all of the source code into the body of the email which was nice considering it looked like total gibberish. her last email said 'i have attached your payment invoice' and there was no attachment, naturally. i'm not very good at emailing back about such things because i don't like talking to people like they're stupid, but this is getting ridiculous.
so about the show- it was really great! i was very pleasantly surprised. they sent me out of there on my fucking knees. the set was very 'raise' heavy- i think they played about six songs from it- pretty much all of them the ones you'd expect- 'sci-flyer,' 'rave down,' 'sandblasted,' 'sunset,' 'deep seat' and they even played 'scrawl and scream.' they also played a bunch of stuff from 'mezcal head' which was, of course, awesome- 'last train to satansville' (good god that one was fantastic), 'duress,' 'duel,' 'never lose that feeling,' 'blowin' cool,' 'for seeking heat,' etc. and they played a few each off of '99th dream' and 'ejector seat reservation.'
it was a very interesting flow for a set- it started out quite slow and they sounded very very quiet to me and i kind of thought it was going to be a disappointment, but about three or four songs in they started to really get their ire up and the show just kind of lifted off the ground from there and it just kept going up and up and up and up and up and they just seemed to get more powerful and intense with each song and somehow they managed to continue this pattern for an entire hour and a half. they played for about an hour and forty-five minutes. i was surprised at adam franklin's guitar playing- i always thought that the other guitar player played most of the leads, but he hardly played any leads- occasionally he would play a counter-melody or something kind of textural, but mostly he just played that kind of very melodic rhythm playing. mr. franklin was doing a lot of leads while he was singing. the bass was the source of a lot of melody as well and a lot of the brutality as well. all four of them kind of would take turns injecting a healthy dose of brutality into every song- it was pretty impressive- it'd come at you when you weren't expecting it. damn though- they sounded very vital. i'm awfully glad that i went- it was a lot of fun and a great show. mr. franklin also played two beautiful looking fender jazzmasters. nice!
i'm waiting for this spiritualized download to load and it's looking like a no-go. the connection keeps slowing down. i figured this would be a good during-download time-killing activity, but no go.
the warlocks are playing at permanent records on the day of the show (friday). i'm waiting anxiously for my new microphones to show up. please show up!

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