Thursday, June 12, 2008

race against time

i couldn't find a plug in here at the coffee shop and i'm almost down to 50% of the battery power- which actually means not much time as once it gets below 50 it seems to be dead within five minutes.
the great covers project is going fairly well- we have almost all of it done and i must say i'm quite pleased with the results. so far i'm just not too nutty on the 'harvest moon' cover that we have. it seemed really good when it was just voice and guitar and now i'm just not so ga-ga for it. i had an idea for some stuff on 'long long long' that i might work on when i go home. stefanie has been so busy that it's been difficult to get some good, solid productive time with her- i suspect that it would've been done much faster if she hadn't had so much massage work lately, which is only a good thing really. i think that i'm going to try and get things finished today, mix it all in one go and mail it off tomorrow. i wanted to go to beans and bagels and pick up my paycheck anyway, so tomorrow would be a good day to do so because there is a bank and a post office all within easy walking distance from there, so that would be good. i'm entertaining the idea of doing a few new covers- i was thinking of trying to do 'will to love' very very quickly and then possibly figure out a good nick cave song to do also very very quickly. then of course, there's the question of artwork and such. i think i've got that covered as well- went through my last roll of pictures from my manual camera last night and i think there are a couple of thoroughly decent shots that could be used for arty farty shit.
it'll be nice to have this finished so i can get back to our own shit. i have a lot to do in that capacity as well. i bought some megabus tickets for late october and early november- straight up weekend shit. basically leave on wednesday night, get in thursday morning, leave kc on friday, get into chicago early saturday morning and go straight to work. it's like that on the october one. the other one is just a day long now as i made it wrong and can't get the $2.50 roundtrip fare going. maybe later. who knows... there are about 19 songs total- of those i'm not sure which of them will have strings. i'd like all of them to, but that might be just the slightest bit unrealistic. not to mention that i haven't written most of the string arrangements yet.
other than that not much to report- more freak problems at work the other day. i'm really just not a morning person at all. i've also noticed that if i'm not in bed within seven hours of when i have to be at work i get cranky much easier. i don't take it out on anyone else- it's more that i'm quiet and scowly the entire morning. usually what happens is someone will say something that will get me grumpy- it takes about three things. i can handle two and still be okay, but three makes me grumpy. music is the surest thing. insulting my drink-making skills is another one- i don't mean to be cocky or anything but i was trained in the art of making espresso drinks in portland by people who really knew what they were doing and i've served coffee drinks for people who drink coffee out there to some acclaim and people in portland are about 1000% more discerning about their coffee drinks than people are here in chicago, so when someone out here insults me i don't take it well because often they are trying to tell me about something that they just don't know enough about. i guess i should stick with this job since i actually seem to care about it. i've made tons of drinks for myself and dammit i know what i'm fucking doing and i'm fucking good at it. grrrr. i think we also got into the sad bastard music debate again and i tried to explain myself that i felt like i was a fucking freak and that i don't meet hardly anyone who i feel like i can really talk to and that the music i listen to just makes me feel less alone and he was like 'everyone feels that way.' he also said they just bury it under all kinds of other things. i guess actually that gets to the heart of the matter right there- everyone feels that way but most people spend so much time trying to bury those kinds of feelings that when you play something like elliott smith it elicits a negative, defensive reaction in them because it's acknowledging something that's in them that they go to a lot of trouble to hide and not explore because they're afraid of it or something or it makes them uncomfortable. so there you go- freaks are people who don't bottle up their emotions and try and bury their feelings and their hurts. that's why 'sad bastard music.' ha!
so fuck you all of you repressed motherfuckers- you're the freaks not me!
so fuck you you repressed pieces of shit! you're the freaks, not me

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