Thursday, June 19, 2008

a minor setback

this entry will begin as many bruce springsteen songs do, ready?-
well, i just got a slew of weird, vague and totally perplexing emails that are a bit alarming from the company that i bought my microphones through on ebay. i was wondering why the fuck it was taking so long for them to show up- i paid for them a week and a half ago. today i just got a bunch of emails- one of them looks like a payment invoice or something saying that the 'item will be shipped once it's paid for' and it has the total below it, which is about a dollar more than what i paid already. i even checked my records- it's on my bank statement and it's in my paypal history. so my microphones haven't even shipped yet. rrrr. what i'm going to do is just go find a type of microphone that i've been trying to find for quite a while at some place in town. i have a few places in mind where i should be able to find it. i'm not going to miss recording this show and i do not have the proper equipment to do so and have it sound decent. i listened to the bjm show i recorded and it just sounds like ass. if i'm going to start recording shows again i want to do it well. end of story.
once i'm through here i'm going to go on and go looking starting at the radio shack up the street. i severely doubt that they'll have what i'm looking for- they never do, why should today be any different?
i'm really not that upset- this seems like a reasonable solution to me. if the sound professionals place is going to get all huffy and be like 'you didn't pay us' i'll just report them to ebay, send them my receipts and demand that they refund my money which they did receive. if they go ahead and ship the microphones then i'll have them for another time. maybe they'll be better than the other one i go to buy. maybe the two would be good to play off of each other. even if they do ship the mics i'm going to give them some bad feedback because they registered me on their site without asking me and it's taken them almost two weeks to basically do absolutely nothing and that shit isn't cool. the guy who sold me the minidisc recorder has already had time to send me the minidisc recorder and the manual in the mail in the time that it's taken me dealing with these clowns.
i was riding my bike today too and one of the pedals came off because for some reason it stripped the section where the pedal is screwed in. the pedal itself is fine, but i'm going to have to replace the section that holds the pedal in. kind of annoying considering i've only had it for a week and it's already fucked up. woohoo! i was looking forward to riding it tomorrow too, but i guess it's not to be. such a shame.
i got some recording done today on the awesome sounding hammond organ that just appeared in the performance room in the other building. ace! i think it's a v3, so it pretty much sounds exactly like a b3 but it just doesn't have that giant sweet leslie speaker. it has a smaller one in the bottom- kind of like the fowley (which is the other organ they have in there that i've used on tons of things). it turned out really well- i'd wanted to put some kind of weird organ on 'sleep now...' kind on in the realm of sparklehorse- like an orchestron or a mellotron or something- but the hammond sounds pretty nice. i'm going to try and get that track finished soon- going to try and get stefanie to sing it with me in the stairwell and try to get her to add a glockenspiel part- then i might add a watery guitar part just for good measure to play off of the organ chords. it didn't take me very long to do the part and i was using the footpedals while playing the chords on the keyboard. i was impressed that i got it done so quickly- i'm not really that good with keyboards/piano most of the time and having to play those foot pedals as well was really throwing me off for a while, but it got it! i could probably actually play keyboards in a band if i really wanted to and practised more. it'd be really nice to get a new keyboard- i'd like to get a rhodes, farfisa compact or a hammond v3 or an orchestron or something. i was listening to the 'good morning spider' album and discovered with utter annoyance that my grandma used to have an orchestron in the upstairs at their house and it disappeared at some point after she died. fucky fuck- i really wish that i'd known enough to try and inherit it. someone once offered me one of those old organs with foot pedals wayyyy back in 1998 when i was 2nd hand store shopping with my roommate in wicker park. it was a little different to how it is these days- most of the stores were empty. i bought a sweater for $2. reckless records used to be on north ave. and the size of a walk-in closet. i was in a 2nd hand shop playing it and the store-owner walked up to me and asked me if i wanted it and i was like 'i'd love to, but i have no way to get it home' and he said i should rent a car and bring to my apartment and i was like 'no- i mean back to kansas city- i'm moving back in a few weeks and no one's coming to pick me up.' fucky fuck again! i'd like to get a few of those nice old weird analog keyboards- they're so fucking sweet!
so yeah- that's been my day so far- i guess it hasn't been too shabby. i can't complain. i guess i just did- but it's no so bad.
the brauhaus was really fun last night. it made me feel a lot better about things. i had another one of those freakouts the other night. i always freak out when i release a record- it's just so hard to come up with all the money and then when it's time to pay i always get into the 'no one's going to buy this fucking thing- why am i sinking all of this money into something no one's going to give a shit about?!' and then it goes downhill from there. i think it's probably good to question what you're doing- otherwise what's going to keep you in check? it's funny because i never really got this nervous when i was charging these cds to my credit cards. it's like free money. especially now that i'm paying so much money every month to them. i hardly ever even think about the idea that they might be paid off some day. i'm making progress though. my wamu card balance is under $4000- it hasn't been like that for about two years. it's going to happen dammit! when it does it's going to feel quite awesome. i can go back to what i used to do- i used to use my credit card to buy a cd or record every week and then i'd pay the whole thing off at the end of the month. o debt- you are truly the american way!

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