Thursday, January 21, 2010

riding on the freak train...

i'm at the coffee shop again being gloriously bored. i'm thinking today we might actually be able to get some music recorded- going to get stefanie to do some drum parts for some new songs- or some new/old songs as the case may be. we're getting a new project going already- stefanie had the excellent idea of a series of 7" releases where we alternate the artwork (i do one, she does one- you understand) a la merge records (she's reading 'our noise' right now and got the idea from there). i'm not sure how many to do- either 4 or 5? i guess five 7"es is a lot to do in a year, but who knows... doing a double 7" costs the same as a single lp.
speaking of lps our test pressings still haven't come in the mail. i guess they're a little backed up- i guess i should try to start thinking in terms of this taking about three months. be a bit more patient. i did send in the master to disc makers to have 100 cdrs made that i will use as promos. i'm also starting to bear down on finishing up the zine artwork- i have all of the pictures, but i've been doing the cutup lyric sheets thing on this- trying to make things as disjointed and difficult to read as possible. so far it's working pretty well. i think stefanie's stuff is all done. i hope to get some prototypes made soon as i have most of the cover images in my possession right now. still have the card stock as well.
somehow on the deli magazine site we are the most popular band amongst people we know for web presence but are practically at the bottom of the heap on actual popularity. i still can't figure out how this stuff is measured. grain of salt just like anything else.
trying to book two tours right now- i'm at the point where i've emailed everyone and followed up on several, but have heard absolutely nothing back from absolutely no one. that's just good stuff. i've heard from mark at lemp- he offered us a date, but haven't heard a confirmation back as of yet. we were going to try to do a mini-tour around a visit back to kansas city for a friend of stefanie's birthday. renting a car for a week will cost only a small amount more than both of us taking the train back. plus, dammit we need to get out and play some shows. this way if the april tour doesn't work out then we'll at least have gotten out of town to do something. it's proving to be a bit frustrating though. the people at the record bar can't fit us in, which is a really bad sign- they have always been up for having us play.
i've mailed out a handful of 'dandelions' promos- some of them just digital and a few hard copies and every single one seems to have fallen through the cracks. contacts i used to be able to rely on seem to have dried up. not quite sure what to do now- i just keep sending them out. it does bum me out a bit that i have absolutely no reviews of the 'dandelions' ep as i feel that it's one of our best records. i have a few blurbs that have come from out of nowhere- but they are usually just download links that quote our website or say 'this is fucking awesome' or something like that. i suppose that's probably better anyway. what good are reviews anyway?
i'm listening to kurt vile right now- been listening to him all day so far. great stuff! LOVE it! i think we are going to try and go to the show at the viaduct theater- he's opening for fucked up. kind of a bummer that it isn't a headlining tour, but for now we'd probably better take what we can get. a ton of great shows coming to town this spring. looking forward to it. i hope we end up getting ourselves down to a majority of them. i'm not going to hold my breath though.

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