Friday, January 15, 2010

diary 12.29.09- 'listen, the snow is falling...'

this was completed a bit late. i did the initial compilation on the 14th, but for some reason i thought i should mess with it a bit to make it work better, but as it turns out that was wholly unnecessary...

1. 'ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space'- spiritualized- ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space
2. 'island raiders'- thee oh sees- thee hounds of foggy notion
3. 'hidden spaces'- the morning after girls- shadows evolve
4. 'just like kicking jesus'- the brian jonestown massacre- my bloody underground
5. 'courting blues'- hope sandoval and the warm inventions- chicago 2009 bootleg
6. 'listen, the snow is falling'- galaxie 500- this is our music
7. 'cheerleader'- grizzly bear- veckatimest
8. 'the greatest fall'- the black ryder- buy the ticket, take the ride
9. 'never-never'- lush- split
10. 'sea, swallow me'- cocteau twins with harold budd- the moon and the melodies
11. 'game of diamonds'- deerhunter- rainwater cassette exchange
12. 'silverlake babies'- eleni mandell- snakebite
13. 'he's alright'- kurt vile- he's alright 7"
14. 'warren'- jessica bailiff- hour of the trace
15. 'the pharaohs'- neko case- middle cyclone

i think that the whole thing was done on the 14th and then i tweaked it and added a few songs from albums i got over christmas once we were back- but i'm quite sure that it was done before new year's. basically it's meant to me be the soundtrack to my holiday season this year. i got so much new music this last year- it was difficult to quit buying stuff for myself and to buy things for others...

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