Thursday, February 11, 2010

'i counted every grain of sand...'

i'm back at metropolis today. haven't updated in a really long time. this has mainly because i've been incredibly busy- making preparations for when the records will arrive. i got the phone call on tuesday that they were ready to go and we needed to settle up the rest of our balance. so they are now in the mail most likely! very excited, but also a bit nervous as there is still so much to do. i've started printing the promos- the zines for those didn't turn out as nicely as i'd hoped- the layout is kind of all over the place... i spent $60 at kinko's and nearly finished the insides of them and they look alright. most of them will be sent to radio stations and places like that, anyway. sending some out to places for review as well. i guess i should start printing the covers for those. fairly simple i guess, just kind of dreading it a bit. i really wish they looked better. fortunately, though, the zines that come with the actual vinyl will look much nicer plus there is some room in those to re-insert some more of stefanie's artwork. she was bummed about this until i went through it with her and showed here that i'd used copies of her handwritten lyrics on several pages as well as the fact that several of the pictures were taken by her.
i also have to get a screen burned for the back cover of the record. i think as long as those are done by the time of the record release show then it'll be alright. still haven't heard the final word on that one... hope it's still on.
started putting the feelers out for a proposed west coast tour in september. by this i mainly mean that i emailed the guy who gave us a show at the montana state university in bozeman. it kind of all hinges on whether or not we can get a show there. i suppose we could do another flier mailing.
we were going to go on tour in april, but i got zero responses to any of the many emails i sent out. i got a good one from someone in new york at piano's that i sadly ended up having to tell him we weren't going to be able to make it- which is quite a bummer for me to do since we are offered so few shows and i hate to reject any offer.
i've also started a new job, which is a work from home kind of deal. it's pretty much the type of thing i've always wanted- a bit frustrating at the moment because i'm still learning the ropes and it's going to take a while to get the hang of it. it's video transcribing- right now i'm transcribing old episodes of the johnny carson show. i'm mainly hoping that it'll provide me with enough extra money to help accelerate the payment of my credit card debt, as well as the money that i owe stefanie. i'm hoping that these things will help allow me save more of my tip money for other things- saving up to buy a vox guitar, a roland space echo and a colorsound wah, for example. saving for going on tour as well, of course.
we're also moving into a 3-bedroom apartment that a friend owns in old irving park. we are getting it for a steal because stefanie is bartering some of her massage skills with her. it's going to be $60 more a month in rent for me to come up with every month, which i'm a bit nervous about. as long as i can get my debt paid down i will be able to easily afford it. as long as i can get my debt paid down. my current attitude is basically that i'd like to go on tour in september, but if it doesn't work out it doesn't work out. touring doesn't seem to necessarily be that doable for most people these days. i was talking to mike the other night and this is something we talked about for an extended period of time. if the college show works out, though, we'll be able to go. i think it might be a little easier for us to fill in the gaps this time around- there were really only three or so. i wanted to play a show in kansas city this time around on the way back as well so it would kill two birds with one stone.
i think i'm going to sign off now for today before this entry gets too mad-crazy off the charts.

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