Thursday, February 25, 2010

'walk all over me'

reliving the my bloody valentine show right now- i think i've gotten my recording to sound as good as it's ever going to sound. it captures the cavernous sound at the aragon very perfectly. ironically it sounds better and is more listenable than a lot of bootlegs i have- certainly mbv ones.
not too much to report- i am busy, busy busy. so many shows. i'm still not sure if i want to go to the sunny day in glasgow show or not. i'm feeling quite burned about being strung along and not given the opening slot. also not sure if i've gone into my long and maddening relationship with schuba's and their talent booking guy- over the past four years plus i've sent him no less than four cds- 'blue-eyed' in 2005, 'petals' and 'learning how to crawl' in 2007 and 'down to sleep' in 2008. i kind of figure that if 'down to sleep' doesn't catch his ears then nothing i send him is going to. emailing him every once in a while, asking to be added to bills, blah blah blah. the final time was when i emailed him asking to be added to the sunny day in glasgow show and he finally emailed me back saying that it might work and that he would check. wait a week or two, no response. finally i email him again to see and he emails me another semi-positive response that he's still not sure yet and then the next day i check their concert calendar to find that they've filled both slots. why didn't he just tell me that he was going to go with someone else? that sort of shit is so typical of what booking people do and i can't for the life of me figure out why they do that shit. i could see if i'd never contacted him before and had just sent him a cd six months prior, but i've sent him four of our cds and been in sporadic contact with him for over four fucking years! to me this is like when i spent two years applying and calling trying to get a job at borders in kansas city and when i interviewed they have a single question that basically makes or breaks you and i didn't give them the answer they wanted on that one so i didn't get the job. you've got to love that irony- apply to a place for two years, call trying to get an interview, majoring in the field that they specialize in and then all of that suddenly doesn't matter when you don't give them the exact answer that they're looking for on one question. it's one of those examples of how i wished that people placed more stock in what individuals actually DID over what they SAID because the two aren't the same. most people talk a great game but deliver nothing. other people aren't as big on the talk but deliver the goods with their actions. it seems to me that 'all talk and no action' is the way to go, really. so that said i'm not so sure i want to go to the show- it's coming up pretty soon, but does fall on a night i have off. i'd only have to pay for myself.
chapterhouse are playing at lincoln hall in may. sort of weird- someone on the my bloody valentine board was taking suggestions for venues to recommend to them for their little reunion tour and i was the one who recommended that place for chicago. i think it's a good choice for them- i don't think they're well-known enough to sell out a place like the metro, but it's possible that a place as small as the empty bottle wouldn't be big enough. i'm not 100% certain of their notoriety, though. lincoln hall's a nice middle ground- it could go either way. the guy who asked for the potential venues ended up telling me that he also recommended my band as possible openers for the show and that if we're asked we would know who to thank. i had kind of forgotten about it as this was quite a long time ago. so now that they've been booked i'm hoping that they contact us but in a stance that's typical of my world view i'm not expecting it.
i'm not real sure what's going to go down in the future. i would like to play some out of town shows this year but nothing really seems to be panning out so much- no response from the guy who booked us at MSU, no confirmation on the proposed record release show at the empty bottle. i've tried to get booked at smaller loft sort of places, but to no avail so far. i'm not sure what the deal is with that- i guess it comes back to the not being able to talk that good of a game. why is this? i don't really know. i'm trying not to be upset by it and just keep busy. whatever happens i'm probably just going to keep at it. i see no reason for stopping. everything else is pretty much out of my control.

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