Thursday, March 4, 2010

'i've never been so colourfully see-through'

not so sure what to write in here these days. i don't really care about much of anything- not real stressed about the whole touring thing, not real stressed about the entire playing live aspect of the band, not really stressed about much of anything. bought a giant screen and some new photo emulsion to make the screen for the back cover of the lp. printed up some promos (four are ready to mail out). still waiting on the confirmation of the empty bottle show. pretty weird that it's been taking so long- not terribly sure what that's about... i'm just going to try hanging back this time out and not do as much. a new approach, if you will. what i'm mainly planning on doing is mailing out all of the promos- to reviewing sites/blogs and college radio stations. it kind of occurred to me that for a band as out-there and weird as us that's probably going to be the best way for us to be heard- pretty much randomly on college radio/what have you. i am sending pitchfork an actual copy of the lp in the hopes that it might get reviewed. not holding out much hope that it would be reviewed positively- there definitely aren't enough hooks on it for them to give us one of those star-making 8+ ratings. the main hope is just to get a bit more exposure a different way. i was thinking about the fact that there are tons of bands around that people have heard of that don't tour. it seems to me that that might have to be the route we will have to go, because we don't seem to be able to connect enough to go out on tour and play tons of shows which is a shame because we are really good live. i am going to try to apply (again) for sxsw 2011. i might hit up stefanie's friend for some contacts to help make that happen and maybe we can finally go to the cool kids party at least once.
bonanza of extra moneys as well- i made a killing in tips on monday, tuesday and wednesday- $80 just from those three days. unheard of. i have a little monetary cushion so i should be able to afford all of my bills- having to do some tricky maneuvering after dropping so much money on getting the albums ready to go out- $40 for printer cartridges, $50 for a screen and photo emulsion and $60 on copies (and more to come, believe you me). not sure when i'll be able to burn a screen or how (it's really huge- 16x18). but i am really hoping to get some of the full lps finished next week. i have enough covers printed up for the first little box of 15- just need to mount them. as it turns out just printing them off of our printer at home is the way for them to look the best. i'd really love to be able to ship out copies of everything to billy by the end of next week. also- next week i'm working six days. i have to work tomorrow, which totally blows, but at the end of the six-day week i'll have a three-day weekend, which will be amazing. i have a ton of concert tickets to buy as well- woods, the big pink, the black lips and i am still pondering going to see the vivian girls at subterranean. it's more tempting now since it's on a friday night and i wouldn't have to slog my way into work the next morning on three hours of sleep. i severely doubt i'll go- i've seen them twice now and really enjoyed both times but i'm not so sure that i need to be seeing them every time they come through town. they do tour a ton, after all.
that's about all i have to say for right now. still working on the 7" series- hopefully stefanie will be able to do some recording tomorrow. i am in need of a few vocal tracks from her- possibly a drum track as well if everything works out alright.

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