Thursday, February 18, 2010

'days were long and the living was fine'

the records arrived. i've been finding some warped ones, which is a bit of a concern. i think for the most part they're going to be okay, it's just a bit of a concern. not sure what it's from- probably from ordering them in the jackets. yay! lessons! however i've found shelf space for all six boxes of 50- don't know how i did that...
have to go buy some printer cartridges after i get my paycheck today- possibly at least start on the printing of the promos and i was going to try printing out the cover image straight from the computer since the print i ordered through snapfish kind of sucks. i'm also going to print out a copy of the back cover image to take to kinkos to print onto some transparency film and burn the screen for the back cover. i think i'll print up about twenty zines while i'm there as well. after getting my paycheck i'm going to have to stop at staples to get a few things- most notably cdr envelopes for the promos and a stapler that i can use to staple the zines together without fucking them up. it's time to mail out the promos. it's been time for a while. hop to, son. as if all of that weren't enough to do chris is coming over tonight to record and we're going out to dinner afterwards at one of the many nearby ethiopian restaurants in the neighborhood that we never bothered to go to during the four years we've lived here. all part of the bucket list we're trying to make and get through before we move in april. yikes, it's coming up!
still waiting on the confirmation of the record release show at the empty bottle. come through come through come through. once that's all done and finished i'm going to mail take some of the warped records and make them into promos to mail out to a few choice places. bill smith also sent us a box of an extra 15 records- six of which were warped, the other nine of which i'm going to use to distribute to band members/helper bees/family/etc. i guess that's a word to the wise, kids- don't have your records shipped inside the jackets. no good!
at some point i need to go by gramaphone on clark st. to get some black jackets for the test pressings, which i'm giving out to band members as well. not sure what to do with the final one. i was thinking we should sell them for $15 each, but i'm beginning to think that we should sell them at shows for a nice, round $10. i forgot to factor into the cost the fact that the mastering is a one-time fee. mail-order ones will be $15, though. probably going to sell them on consignment for that price as well.
i'm very excited at the proposition of this and i hope that it works out well. i'm just going to send them all over hell and hades and hope for the best. i have 100 promos after all. i'm going to send those around to student radio stations regardless of whether or not we go on tour, i think. i think there's a good chance things'll work out well.

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