Thursday, July 2, 2009

so many shows, so little $$$$$

last night while trolling the hideout website (i was looking for anything that might indicate the possibility of a neko case lollapalooza after-party- no such luck) i discovered that nina nastasia is playing two shows near the end of the month. a coin toss told me to buy the tickets immediately so i did. so i'm in for a ridiculous string of amazing shows for about the next four weeks- pitchfork is two weeks from sunday, then these two nina nastasia shows (yeah, i bought tickets for both nights), two warlocks shows and then the raveonettes (that will be a three night run at the empty bottle for us- i'm not sure how we're planning on getting there and back every night). if i can scrounge together the money i am into the idea of going to see deerhunter at logan square auditorium on the 9th (which would make for a four-night show run- ridiculous). also if that show doesn't sell out (which is kind of a remote hope). there's been a bit of a drought as of late, but oh how the rain is coming.
not much else to report- i can't seem to keep any amount of money around for any period of time, no matter how short. i've just barely been able to pay my rent just now. i'm not sure entirely why this is- i guess that this is always the case when i pay for a new release. 'dandelions' is still being pressed. it's been taking a while- i think that the last time i heard from cdman was at least two weeks ago. this might be a good sign and the cds might already be on their way. i've been meaning to use my tips to buy a new screen and some photo-emulsion so that i can finish the sleeves that i have. it'd also be nice to buy some more blanks of the sleeves- they are a bit costly ($1 each just for the sleeves, but they look very nice). i even got a check from cdbaby very unexpectedly last week and it ended up going right into the bank and swallowed up. i don't really understand why i'm so low on money right now- things just keep coming up and then different things keep NOT adding up. i got new health insurance because my old carrier raised my rates so i found a new company that would charge me my old rate and they said that they weren't going to take the money from my account until yesterday, but they went ahead and took it upon themselves to take it out about 10 days early. i hope that when they do this in the future they let me know before they do it. i kind of foresee disaster on this front- i don't do automatic payments for this reason because often the places just take the money out early if they feel like it and they don't let you know. i'd rather just be able to pay it on my own when i know that there's enough money in my account to do it.
i'd like to get a second job to help pay my debt down faster- that would really help, actually, but so far that doesn't look like it's going to happen. it is a depression- a lot of people are having enough trouble keeping one job nailed down. it seems like a bad time to try and get two.
anyway, i guess that that's the long and the short of it. i contacted the record bar about playing in kc in august, but haven't heard anything back from them at all. they sort of offered me two possible dates, but haven't heard anything as of yet. maybe i got in touch with them too early... who knows? we were going to use that show as an excuse to come home for a decent period of time- at least three days- and relax and not have some big recording project to work on. plus i have some lps and such and other things i should probably take out of my parents' condo.
other than that work has been pretty good really- not too bad. i'm working at rockwell on the 4th of july and i'm told it will be painfully busy. _______ put the whole thing together and he told me he would have me making coffee drinks all day- which is absolutely perfect. a lot of people i work with are kind of being a bit snobby about the whole thing- 'you're not going to be able to handle it. it's going to be too busy for you' to which i'd tell them 'i used to work the morning rush at starbucks by myself every day- had to make every drink that came in the door' and then it's like 'that's just pushing buttons- you're not going to be able to handle this.' considering how molasses-slow adam makes drinks in the mornings on the weekends i don't think it's going to be a problem. no one seems to notice how quickly i am able to crank drinks out even though it isn't 'just pushing buttons.' it's just a bit annoying because the place i work runs very smoothly compared to nearly every other service-industry job i've ever had. i've worked innumerable places where it's been way busier and way less efficiently run and i've always been able to handle it and it's just a bit insulting of people to be telling me that i'm not going to be able to handle it. if it is miserably busy we'll at least hopefully make a lot of money in tips. plus it's only from 8am to 1pm. or so i'm told. hope it works out. my last paycheck was short a day because of a holiday of some sort and that's one explanation for why this week was such a struggle. it would be nice to have the day off but i just can't afford it at the moment. i'm thinking of trying to use my tips to pay my credit card balance as i get extra money (haw haw haw). it's an idea i've had for a long time, but never put into use.

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