Friday, July 17, 2009

something strange is going on...

i feel really good today. i'm not real sure why- almost 12 hours of sleep maybe? not sure...
they are streaming sets from pitchfork festival live as well- might watch yo la tengo tonight. mebbe... i guess it depends on whether or not stefanie wants to. i wish i had the connector to hook the laptop up to the tv because i have one to hook it up to the stereo. that'd be kind of neat- we could just watch it on our tv. i have the connector that works for the old laptop, but the internet isn't as reliable on that one- the new one is much faster and better. the fact that they're streaming sets again also means that we can watch the black lips play tomorrow night from the comfort of our own home. i do wish that we could be there in person, but i simply don't have another $40 lying around and i'd rather wait until they come back through on tour and see them then.
it's very odd that i'm in such a good mood today mainly because i don't really have anything to do today. i'm not sure what i'm going to do with the rest of this day. i bought the second darker my love album yesterday (i don't know why it took me so long to finally plunk down the money for it) and i think i might spend the time converting it because it's so fantastic and i can't wait to put it on my ipod and listen to it. there's nothing in the world like great sounding vinyl. nothing. sweet!
i also have realised that it's time to go about properly calibrating my tape machine (and cleaning the tape heads- which i should've done before mixing the 'dandelions' ep). i guess i was a bit naive in the way that i did the final mix for 'dandelions' but, when i did the mixdown it sounded so great i figured everything was fine. it wasn't until the mastered version came back that i realised i should probably take the time to get it done properly.
i'm also going to attempt to register shalloboi/endless december recordings as a sole proprietorship- i need $50 for the initial forms. after that i need to publish a notice of legal action in the reader (don't know how much that will cost), then i need to register with the irs and then finally get a permit to run a business from home (that one's a doozy- at least $150 unless the price has gone up, which i wouldn't be surprised if it hasn't). i find it very distressing how much the city charges for any and all kinds of permits (and there is one or several for any number of things- for example the permit for beans and bagels to have patio seating is $600- an additional $250 if we want the additional permit to allow people to have their dogs with them in the patio area). they have quite the racket going and are still coming out short in every budget they draft. the cta's dangling another 'doomsday list' over everyone. they just raised the fares last year. it's gone up 50 cents since we moved here.
so, in short, i continue to have monetary woes. i have been reading up on film scoring and how to get such jobs and i actually have something of the beginnings of a game plan- i am pretty much ready to get started scoring adam's film. i have two recording sessions left to do with the string players and then i'll be pretty much good to go. if i enjoy scoring the film, i'm going to go down to columbia and post my info on the film department bulletin board in the hopes that someone will see it and then hopefully i can get some more experience with the whole scoring thing. as far as making it a money-making kind of venture, i'm going to start looking for actual scoring jobs once i have some experience doing it a few times. i'm actually pretty excited about it- i think it's going to be good. i'm optimistic i guess i should say.
we also have a few shows coming up- and hopefully more on the way. i've asked schuba's for a specific date, as well as the empty bottle. i'm hoping they work out. the one i asked for at the empty bottle is a slot opening for sian alice group in october- i really really am pulling for that one. pleasepleasepleaseplease... i am also still hoping that the free monday night show at the bottle with soft speaker works out. that'd be nice.
i am listening to craploads of fleet foxes right now. for some reason watching a stream of their pitchfork set really started something. i think i'm going to buy the vinyl of that latest album soon because it includes an ep that they released. at pitchfork they also have a full sian alice group set posted to stream that sounds really nice. good stuff! keep it coming please, good folks. i think with that i'm done.

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