Thursday, July 23, 2009

the ice forms in sheets, they're melting in the streets...

i'm at metropolis. another weekend has arrived. not real sure what to do with it- but i'm glad that it's here. the weeks have been going by at about mach 11. i can't keep them straight to be perfectly honest. next week is when the insanity starts too- two nina nastasia shows on sunday and monday night, then the week after that is the first of my two six-day workweeks which will bleed right into the week of pure show-going insanity- four shows in a row- all of them late shows, three of them on nights when i have to work the next day. that week will be a six-day workweek as well. i will be a basket case by the end of it, but i will be a basket case who's seen a ton of great music.
i've finished my little summer mix thingy that i wanted to do, at last. it took forever. it's pretty sad-bastardy. i'm listening to it right now before i do some artwork and upload it.
i don't really have any idea what to do with myself these days- i can't really get to serious work on anything- i've got the string players coming to record seperately and after they are done with their parts i can finally load some mixes into my ipod and listen to them and then begin to pick out the ones that will work. i guess i could do some more work on the christmas single. similarly there's only so much i can do with that one. i think i was going to have another crack at the guitar and try doing it bowed. for some reason that's important to me to try again- i guess i also feel like it worked a bit better than the way it is right now- plus any excuse to use the bow on a song live these days is a good one considering that i haven't attempted it in a really long time.
i think i'm done with this entry- it's officially going nowhere.

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