Friday, July 10, 2009

today should be the day

well, hopefully. i have my new screen and a fresh bottle of photo emulsion, so i'm hoping that this is the day that i am finally able to create a new screen to finish the 'dandelions' packages that i have in my possession so far (about 20). then i can start mailing them out for review. i tried sending out digital downloads and that hasn't seemed to have yielded the best results. i can't say i'm too surprised about that.
we did finally secure a show at the record bar in august. i haven't heard boo from my string players in ages, though. i'm starting to feel like i'm kind of annoying them. that's usually the case, though and it usually doesn't turn out to be true. it usually just turns out that people are living their own lives (that's quite a concept, tyler).
i do think that when i go home i am going to force myself to do some work- i would like to rerecord a guitar part for the new version of 'christmas song' and i could do the 6-string bass parts for that song as well so that they're all finished.
otherwise it's going to be quite a busy night tonight- we're having dinner with my sister at piece for her birthday and then we're going to see a show at the metro. i am going to be a fucking zombie at work tomorrow. sometimes i go in with only 5 hours of sleep and i feel fine. i think if i just do it once in a while it's fine. however i will be a complete zombie during the week of lollapalooza- i'm going to four shows in a row. august 6th and 7th we're seeing the warlocks twice, the 8th we're seeing the raveonettes (all three nights are at the empty bottle) and then the 9th i am, indeed, seeing deerhunter at logan square auditorium. that night is going to be a complete washout as far as sleep is concerned. i finally bought my tickets to that show after i sold a bunch of cds at reckless records. i think i might try to sell some more cds at the wicker park location tonight as there are a handful that they didn't take- mostly cure cds. bummer. i've started a new campaign to sell off cds that i have on vinyl. especially the old early cds- usually if it's pre-1992 the mastering job doesn't hold up so since i've been trying to get more of my favourite records on vinyl, i might as well continue this trend and phase out my cds. i am a bit hesitant to get rid of cds that i know are stefanie's. i also still have a cd of 'loveless' for some reason.
i think that i might be entering some kind of bizarre tyler happy world at the moment. so far i've been enjoying this summer quite a bit (minus that one week where it was sheer humidity-induced misery). yeah, it's been grey and rainy through a good chunk of it. i'm kind of glad. it almost makes me feel like someone or something up in that giant indifferent fairy-land is taking some pity on me for some reason. how could i not appreciate it? this is kind of typical of how things work when i'm having a good 'up' period- everyone around me has their bad 'down' period. this used to always be true during high school- whenever i was having an extended period of time where i was content and happy with how things were going it always seemed to be at the expense of all of my friends- they'd all be going through all of their trying, depressing times. so it kind of makes me feel guilty when i'm going through a good period. this summer is definitely a case of this. i know that people are really bummed that there's been so much rain, but quite frankly i would love it if it went on like this all fucking summer! of course it isn't- expecting it to be like it is today every day is just as unrealistic as expecting every summer day to be 80 degrees with low humidity and a nice breeze (well unless you live in san francisco then it's pretty reliable).
i also didn't think i'd be able to get a screen made today because the forecast called for it to be 89 degrees and humid, which are really bad conditions for burning a screen- it's so hot and muggy it takes it forever to dry and once it does it's full of bubbles and sometimes isn't a very good coating. but right now these are the ideal conditions. it'd also be a good day to record a guitar part because for some reason the mixer i use to run all five mics into that i then run into the 8-track for some reason has a lot of problems working when it's really hot and humid- the inputs go dead, so the mics are constantly cutting out and i get very pissed because i can't get a decent take laid down because the inputs cutting in and out. it only does that when it's excessively hot and humid. as if that weren't enough i have to close the windows and turn off the fans so i have sweat pouring off of me in dense rivers.
i think that might be all that i can say for today.

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