Friday, June 26, 2009

i'd weigh in on what everyone's talking about...

... but i think that enough has already been said- and there isn't really anything that i disagree with and i have nothing to add. for once in my life- quite an anomaly. read this if you want to know my thoughts- i pretty much agree with this word for word and mr. raymer is a far more articulate man than i am.
i think i'm going to just listen to the black lips and raise my lighter for sky saxon of the seeds. i haven't really heard the seeds, but their records are something i have been meaning to buy for a long time as i've heard i would love it- grimy garage psych. perfect for the kind of kick that i'm on right now. who would've thought- me into garage rock?
i can't remember the year but i remember a ton of sad deaths one year- it was probably 2003 (i'm mainly guessing this because that's the year that elliott smith died). i guess this is a repeat of that year. a lot of high profile folks have died this year. a lot. it kind of sucks to get the news on such a miserably hot day (like yesterday). i'm having some difficulty enjoying my days off at the moment because of the excessive heat. i don't care what side of that whole winter vs. summer debate that you land on- anyone who loves this kind of weather needs a lobotomy. or they just can afford to keep the ac blasting all day long.
i had the weirdest night of sleep i've had in a really long time last night too- getting up constantly to go to the bathroom between vivid, hallucinatory dreams. during one i was chasing a ghost through jay and diana's house- it was evading me by going between the rooms via the closets. that's how i knew it was a ghost. at one point i think i was making a bagel on a bed that used to be up in the upstairs of my grandparents' house in wichita- but the bed was in jay and diana's kitchen. i think i spilled jam on the sheets. there was one part in a hotel pool as well that i probably shouldn't go into here. it was my turn to feed the cats in the morning- we are housesitting for jay and diana in evanston by the way. tonight i get to sleep at the apartment though due to my unbelievably early morning wake-up time (about 6:15am) to ride my bike to the shop and open.
our money right now is completely non-existant- there is too much going on right now. i have to buy tickets to see the raveonettes at the empty bottle because i am dying to see them and their appearance at lollapalooza is probably the first time they've played in chicago since 'lust lust lust' came out. let's see $80 to go to sunday at lollapalooza and see deerhunter, raveonettes and neko case (it is tempting- but even i have limits) or $15 to see them at the empty bottle where they will probably play for a really long time and pad their set with a ton of new material (their new record is almost done). i'm really bummed i can't go to deerhunter's aftershow at logan square auditorium, but it's the same night as the second of two warlocks shows at the empty bottle. you see what i mean? too much going on. i might just try to figure out the geography of the festival and go up and try to catch neko case's set in some kind of ridiculous abstract way. maybe it'll be streamed. *crosses fingers*. i watched her set at austin city limits that way (of course there were some problems- i missed the beginning and our computer stopped working during 'star witness' and i couldn't get it restarted before the end of the song- a shame because it's one of my favourites of hers). at least i've seen deerhunter twice. i would like to see them again- i naively figured i'd get another chance to after i couldn't go to their show at the metro last year- it fell on the night before stefanie's birthday and we had a dinner to go to.
'all hope is blind' might be finished. it might be mixed even. i have a few final mixes of 'christmas song pt. iii' (which is going onto the record for sure now) and i need to remix '4am train' but i can't think of any improvements for the other songs. i'm going to listen to them again several times, but i don't anticipate any changes. the tracklist is good too and would fit on an lp and has 11 songs. i'm still not done with the title track yet, but i don't think that one's going to make the cut- o the irony. i think i'm going to do a few more mixes when i go back to the apartment and then go to visit zea at her new job (i said i would and i'd like to start being places that i say i'll be) since i have the car to drive around in. fuuuuuun! recording piano today? hopefully... but i doubt it very much. the other night i was walking by the practice room and saw that no one was in there and it was about 8:30 or something and i was very tempted to drag all my stuff into there and record the piano part for the title track- but i lazed it up instead. that's generally the theme of the moment.
i can't believe how early i was up this morning. i never seem to get enough time to sleep anymore either. i tend to blame these housesitting trips for my massive sleep deprived feelings all the time- but really it doesn't matter if i get seven hours every night and then 9+ on my weekends- i still feel tired.
so there you have it- how about wrapping this one up?

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