Friday, June 12, 2009

so it goes...

just finished recording with billy for possibly the last time in the foreseeable future (probably until i figure out what i'm doing next). we did five songs yielding two finished tracks- a third will follow once i get home and add some noisy textural elements. that will bring the count to 11 total. the remaining seven mostly need stefanie's vocals, strings and the title track still needs drums and a few other things (i'm pondering taking my recording setup into the lobby at my parents' building really late tonight to record the piano part for the title track- i figure why not? i need a good sounding, in tune piano and one is just sitting in the lobby). then that's all she wrote. wacky and totally crazy... and maybe just a touch sad. i'm sure i'll have plenty to keep myself occupied with. my prediction is that i'll just be recording all the fucking time working through this ridiculous backlog i've worked up so far- one thing i have to do is go through all of the old instrumentals that i made up when i got back from london. briefly i went through a phase where shalloboi took on the guise of a godspeed-type of instrumental ensemble- something i could actually achieve fairly easily nowadays. i'm sure it will be appropriate to use strings in this project where necessary.
i'm at filling station right now, my second visit of the day. i was going to wait until my mom got back from her errand-running and go to winstead's, but let's face it- i'm going to find time for at least one more visit before i leave tomorrow. as always i've been having a nice time. it's kind of a nice thing that when i come back everyone has their own lives and it forces me to be bored. things tend to snap right into focus whenever i find myself bored for a period of time (no matter how short- and it usually is an incredibly brief period). the best boredom time was when i came back to kansas city while i was feverishly working on 'down to sleep' and i didn't even bring my guitar back with me and i remember almost going completely insane with utter boredom for three days. it was truly glorious at that time because i was working for chase and things had been ridiculously nuts and crazy. i would like to book another trip here just to relax and be bored, but too many things are planned for the period i would want to take the trip- we might be playing at the empty bottle in september or october and we are planning on going to portland at some point during those months. i've been saving my pennies for that trip- quite literally, in fact...
it feels like the rest of the year's already all mapped out... crumbs... on top of that i wanted to try to get us another show at the record bar- in august maybe? that might be doable. i sure as hell can't seem to get schuba's to respond to me... bummer. so i'd like to play some kind of gloriously shambolic show soon (hopefully the hotti biscotti thing will work out)- that'd probably be good as a warm-up show for the kc show if it works out and then it'd be nice if the schuba's thing would work out before the empty bottle show (if that works out) and then we'll have the christmas show in early december. nice. let's hope it all comes together. the tour emails have so far yielded a total of two responses- one from pittsburgh, one from philadelphia. one a complete rejection, the other good advice for what will become next time. i'm beginning to think that we should get geared up to do the tour in march. since we're not doing any releases it might be possible to do more touring next year. that would be a good way to fill the time. we shall see!
i think i'm going to leave here soon- i've been here for a long time. it has been nice though to be able to just hang out at a coffee shop that i don't work at on what would already normally be my day off. very nice indeed.

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