Thursday, October 16, 2008

trying to get back to the land of the living

i'm at the coffee shop. writing emails and such. the first email has been sent in an attempt to secure a christmas time acoustic show. i'd like to try and get more string players lined up for such an event, but don't know any in kc. it would probably be wise to get the show firmed up first and then try and find people to play so as not to put the cart before the horse. i almost wrote 'hearse' there. haw haw.
i have a lot to do music-wise. last week kind of became a fog. post tour doledrums set in something awful last week. i might have pulled out of it at the end of the day on wednesday. i was grumpy all day and had been for pretty much all of the previous day. next week is a 6-day work week. kind of a drag, but i definitely need the money. some unexpected money seems to be in the process of coming in. nothing huge, but i'm hoping that anything extra will help. the week after that i'm going to kc for some recording with billy. i'm really looking forward to it. every time i get strings for these songs recorded i come away from the sessions incredibly inspired and so filled with a satisfaction and assurance that i just don't get to see too much because 90% of the work is done just by me. it's a bit difficult to tell if what you're doing really is any good after a while. i'm hoping i'll have enough time today after doing the dishes to get a little work done- some vocals, a teeny drum part and possibly a glockenspiel part. it'd be nice if i could get stefanie to do some work tonight too- i have some drum parts for her to do. i wanted to try and fix the drums on 'ada' so that i could give it to someone to put on a zine mixtape. the song would work well i feel and it was a bit of a shame that it didn't make the album.
i finished our sxsw application the other day as well. i put together a reasonably decent press kit. we got two nice-sized articles since the last time i applied.
doing the dishes today will provide me with an opportunity to burn cds of the second nick cave show. i checked the level last night. the pile is nothing if not frightening. i also have to go to work to pick up my paycheck and then i have to go to the bank and deposit my paycheck as my credit card payment is scheduled to go through at the end of the day today. the tightrope continues to be walked- but this should be the final daring feat.
i'm selling my spiritualized 'songs in a&e' green vinyl on ebay and so far it looks like i'm going to get the money back that i paid for it, which is all i really want to be honest.
other than that i'm having some minor high school-type flashbacks. i ran into claire durwood on the street while i was walking with will, sido and brad to go to celtic crown for $2 burger night. that was kind of strange. elizabeth had also written me an email telling me that she had found a copy of my 'novel' that i wrote in high school asking me if i wanted her to send it to me. i told her to just burn it because i have far too many copies of the damn thing floating around. ironically i had found an envelope when i went home in august for our show at the record bar and when i opened it it was full of letters and notes that elizabeth had written me and a copy of her manuscript for her play that she did senior year. it had an ornate and beautiful drawing in crayon on the cover. i wanted to toss it, but i just couldn't. now i don't know where it is and i offered to send it to elizabeth if she wanted it.
somewhere out in the ether in chicago is my friend kyle. i wonder if our paths will ever cross. since i would actually like to run into him i severely doubt it. this neighborhood is fast becoming our island. it's difficult to get us out and about. we wanted to go see a tundra at high concept labs, but ended up not going because it was on a weekend night and therefore the red line was rerouted to the elevated tracks meaning that the train wouldn't stop at north/clybourn but instead sedgwick. that is enough to give us an excuse not to leave our house. sad but true. the only reason being that high concept labs is within reasonable walking distance from north/clybourn, but sedgwick (which is down north ave. just above a half mile i'd guess from north/clybourn) required us to make a bus transfer and therefore renders the whole thing too much on a night when i have to be in at work the next day. we live so far away from everything that the slightest variable, no matter how simple, can and has rendered what should be a simple trip to be too much of a chance to take. we once went to a show at the radish patch, which was down by where we used to live in logan square. getting there took us about 45 minutes- red line down to fullerton, fullerton bus the rest of the way. once the show was over the fullerton bus wasn't running as much- we decided it'd be better to walk to the western blue line, we took the blue line, there was only shuttle service left to downtown, so we had to get off and get on the most slow-moving shuttle of our lives and then we got home finally. i think it took us nearly 2 hours. on the way home from the warlocks show we waited for forty minutes for the fullerton bus, gave up and then walked to the logan square blue line station where we waited for another 30 minutes. i think that trip ended up taking about 3 hours. ridiculous. in 3 hours you should be stepping off of a train/bus/car whatever in another town, not 10 miles away. in the interest of this i actually am hoping for the proposed circle line that has been tossed around as an idea. that would help us sooooooooo much. but for now it's just a plan and thus at least several years away as a reality.
well, i have much to do today, so i guess i should get going.

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