Friday, October 10, 2008

is it a heavenly choir

sam and ben's wedding last night was very very fun. good stuff. haven't been to a friend's wedding in a long time. it was a really cool- i had a good time. i did have to go out onto the patio seating area and sit by myself for a little while and feel a little depressed, but i am beginning to think that that is an inevitable side-effect of being in a giant group of people. hilarious and sad happening- at some point when i was working at starbuck's i gained a bunch of weight that i was never able to shake. none of the pairs of dress pants in my closet fit me anymore. i'd forgotten that i had kept one pair of pants to the side because they were the only nice pants i own that still fit me. i think they were bought to be worn as baggy pants back in the day. it was a bit of a panic moment about 30 minutes before we meant to leave and i was trying to squeeze myself into some nice clothes. i don't fit into the vintage suit that i bought from noah in portland anymore. it fit back in 2005 before we left. i figured since i wasn't drinking soda anymore that i would automatically drop a ton of weight, but so far that hasn't proven true. i probably will hold to this pattern though, despite this sad fact. i also figured i'd lose weight biking to and from work nearly every day, but winter's coming up and i'm going to go back to riding the train to work during that time. i'm not hardcore enough to try and bike in the dead of winter. i like the cold, but not quite that much. i'm pondering going back to doing pilates with stefanie or something- although she sure as shit doesn't need to lose anymore weight.
what else?
i have pretty much the entire to do whatever i feel like doing. not sure what to do with that- do some recording or just literally do absolutely nothing at all. i have some problems doing absolutely nothing these days so i'm sure i'll probably go with the recording side. i'd like to finish the track i'm supposed to collaborate on with james. there are a few other things i could get going as well- i have a few vocal tracks to do. i have some noise parts that i could kick up. i also bought a new pack of cdrs and i burned the rest of the first nick cave show and i could edit that, as well as the bardo pond lp i bought in berkeley.
naturally, just like we knew would happen while we were driving around the fucking country- particularly during that grueling 2-day rush to get home- my mind has wandered over to the prospect of more touring in the future. i figured this would happen. i am making myself hold to my previous idea- tour during next september. do the east coast in around a week- try to get at least 2 college shows so as to pay for the whole thing. nicely done. nicely, nicely. that would allow us to play in kansas city again too- which would be fun. i'd like to play in st. louis again, but i have the feeling that by the time we get around to next september we aren't going to be experimental enough to play at lemp anymore. it's entirely possible that we're not experimental enough to play there right now. registration for sxsw is coming up soon. i've got a couple of good new tracks that would probably be good to share for that deal, not to mention 'down to sleep.' i know we still won't get in. no one in chicago knows who the fuck we are still.
so it goes on. and on. and on.
i'd previously thought that the jolie holland show fell into the spectrum during the two day recording trip, but i just looked at my itinerary and it turns out that it doesn't fall on it at all. i will be leaving kansas city on halloween, in fact. that's okay with me i think- i've never been real into halloween anyway. i guess i liked it when i was a little kid.
i'm now trying not to get gloomy about my sad financial state at this point- and it is most definitely quite sad at this point. i have to do a dance with the devil to get one of my credit card payments in on time. one of those things where you bank on the timing of withdrawals from your bank by the credit card company. they are the same- but whatever... i figure the worst thing that could happen is the payment doesn't go through and then it ends up costing an extra $35. kind of a non-issue- if i wait for the deposit to go through then the late payment fee for the credit card company is $35 as well. it's all semantics. the deal is my credit card payment is due the same day that i get my paycheck. ah, who gives a shit really.

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