Friday, October 29, 2010

covers playlist

someone at work challenged me to come up with a covers playlist when i criticized hers. i would like to say that i think that this playlist blows hers out of the water and with a cheeky reference to all of the gram parsons/burrito brothers stuff she's been playing lately. the dinosaur jr. one isn't the best, but i find it incredibly entertaining and i just couldn't pass on the chance to line up these two covers from the same time period. plus the belly one is exquisite if you ask me.

song- artist- album (original artist)
1. anyway that you want me- spiritualized®- the complete works (the troggs)
2. sailor- the brian jonestown massacre- bravery, repitition and noise (the cryan shames)
3. if i stay too long- thee oh sees- raven sings the blues compilation vol. 2 (the creation)
4. alphabet street- the jesus & mary chain- come on (prince)
5. lonesome town- holly golightly- singles roundup (ricky nelson)
6. hot burrito #1- belly- sweet ride (the flying burrito brothers)
7. hot burrito #2- dinosaur jr.- green mind (the flying burrito brothers)
8. golden hair- hope sandoval & the warm inventions- golden hair (syd barrett)
9. look for me (i'll be around)- neko case- blacklisted (kadie lester)
10. nightime- elliott smith- empty bottle 2000 bootleg (big star)
11. some things last a long time- beach house- devotion (daniel johnston)
12. listen, the snow is falling- galaxie 500- this is our music (yoko ono)
13. honey- mogwai- tribute to spacemen 3 (spacemen 3)
14. when tomorrow hits- spacemen 3- recurring (mudhoney)
15. walking & falling/over & over- spectrum- war sucks 12" (laurie anderson)
16. song to the siren- this mortal coil (or cocteau twins if you prefer)- it'll end in tears

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