Friday, October 29, 2010

diary 10.15.10- cloudbusting

diary 10.15.10

song- artist- album
1. bad vibrations- the black angels- phosphene dream
2. catholicked- dum dum girls- catholicked 12"
3. mary, please- the brian jonestown massacre- take it from the man
4. the black angel's death song- the velvet underground- paris bataclan '72
5. going down slow- the animals- animalism
6. lazy line painter jane- belle & sebastian- lazy line painter jane
7. plastic palace people- scott walker- scott 2
8. cloudbusting- kate bush- hounds of love
9. torch song- the walkmen- lisbon
10. feeling of gaze- hope sandoval & the warm inventions- bavarian fruit bread
11. slow life- grizzly bear (w/ victoria legrand)- new moon soundtrack (i swear i didn't buy it)
12. cry to me- solomon burke- definitive soul collection
13. mogwai fear satan- mogwai- special moves
14. he would have laughed- deerhunter- halcyon digest
15. 10 mile stereo- beach house- zebra 12"

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