Thursday, October 14, 2010

ye olde clip-clop

i've been pretty busy since last i posted. i've been working on the near-mythical animated video for 'falling stars.' i'm going to put together a digital single for that song to co-incide with releasing the video. will it be a big deal? eh, not too sure... the video is looking pretty cool thus far- a lot of the animated bits are a bit loopy in nature (as in repetitive). also i've done some layering and surprisingly everything is looking pretty nice. it's all been done in a very childlike manner and spirit. basically it's an animated video of my primitive line-drawings. the 'invisible against the sun' cover makes an appearance, for example.
i'd like to get it finished this weekend. that'd be pretty boss, but also there is still stuff to draw and tons of crap to scan in. i'm pretty much done with the wedding music stuff now- have to finish notating out a single part. should take 20 minutes or so. at the most. looking forward to it. stefanie and i are going to have to do some pretty serious practicing in the next week. we're going to have friday to run-through everything again and that should be good. stefanie's mainly nervous because she isn't quite comfortable with a few of the songs yet, which isn't a huge problem because she now has them all on her ipod and it's a question of listening to them a bunch. we're doing 'feeling of gaze' by hope sandoval and that song is proving to be quite a tough one. i have trouble with it myself. the way it's sung is a bit odd as well.
i'm looking forward to not having to worry about putting this stuff together once this whole thing is finished. i'm looking forward to playing it as well. i'm pretty bummed that we couldn't get a shalloboi show together- that's a major drag. why the fuck couldn't anyone play a show with us? if we'd been able to get two more bands we would've been able to play at the riot room. fuck! now it's too late in the game to do anything about it at all. i'm getting very tired of dealing with flaky friends when trying to book shows. how is it possible that everyone is able to be so ridiculously picky and play way more shows than we do? not. fucking. fair. but i suppose that no one ever said that life was supposed to be fair.
in the aftermath of all of the brandon and chris ridiculousness i was at work the other day and realized, to my great delight, that i hadn't thought about either one of them even once for several days. it was a very validating moment. no regrets, no looking back. i am now anxious to get a new violist and get back to work. we have that 'christmas song, pt. iv' to finish up and i'm trying to get going on having a show in december. so far i've asked a couple of bands to play, but it's fairly similar in the realm of foot-dragging and whatnot. i dunno. maybe we should just play at cole's by ourselves- it'd probably be a bit easier to get together and we had a really good turnout last time. it's kind of a headache to get people to play shows with us and i don't understand why- i'm beginning to think that it just ties in with that whole musician/flaky thing that we don't seem to have. similar to the fact that we are always show up to load-in on time (even though it's kind of an unspoken rule that you aren't really supposed to) and whatnot. that's always been the joke between stefanie and me. wacky.
anyway, i'm back on the mogwai train hardcore right now- that new live album is spectacular. about as good of a live document of the band as anyone could ever reasonably expect. hallelujah!

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