Wednesday, November 17, 2010

diary 11.17.10- just out of reach

1. blue moon revisited (song for elvis)- cowboy junkies- the trinity session
2. these arms of mine- otis redding- best of...
3. just out of reach (of my two open arms)- solomon burke- definitive soul collection
4. i can't reach you- the who- ...sell out
5. you're on my mind- the animals- inside looking out 7"
6. child of the moon- the rolling stones- jumpin' jack flash 7"
7. never, ever- brian jonestown massacre- acid 7"
8. nine million rainy days- the jesus & mary chain- darklands
9. rainwater cassette exchange- deerhunter- rainwater cassette exchange
10. the tangent- the warlocks- surgery
11. the last beat of my heart- siouxsie and the banshees- peepshow
12. tomorrow's taken- mojave 3- ask me tomorrow
13. place to be- nick drake- pink moon
14. while i shovel the snow- the walkmen- lisbon
15. the slide song- spiritualized- pure phase
16. to wish impossible things- the cure- show
17. shots and ladders- low- trust

haven't had a chance to listen to this one yet. i always think that i'm surrounded by songs of yearning, longing and intense emotion and yet it was kind of hard to find enough to fill this playlist. the old standbys came to the rescue, fortunately. i suppose that i'm doing a good job of contributing to songs of this ilk in my generation- there aren't a lot of pitchfork bands doing it. fucking slackers! now, to draw some attention to it... hrmmmm...

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