Thursday, December 3, 2009

i can't stop floating in space...

yeah, i broke down and bought the 'ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space' reissue through itunes. i'm not sorry i did it either- it only cost $17. maybe if i'm inclined later i'll buy the single-disc version. the extras are incredibly, unspeakably beautiful. and yes, it restores the original version of the title track. i still have the old version of the album on my ipod because i actually always loved the version that ended up on there as well. the extras are strung together in a really nice way though- he basically overlapped some of them and mixed them together as he would his regular albums- it kind of envelops you and gets you fully immersed in the experience. brilliant!
the great remastering project has been put on the back-burner. i think that my old shows sound too crappy to bother with. i tried to fix the first hope sandoval show that i taped and it didn't work. the version that i've got on my ipod right now sounds better- and that isn't saying much. i wish i'd sprung for a better microphone back then. crap! i guess it's not the end of the world, just a bit of a bummer. i'm going to have to try and trade someone for a better-sounding show.
it finally snowed today- i'm so ready for a long, cold winter. i'm looking forward to it in fact. i don't enjoy all of the whining (seriously people if it's that miserable for you just fuck off and move to california already), but winter's always been my favourite time of year. always. love it! while i liked the winter-time in portland it was nice to get back to the midwest where they have a REAL winter!
stefanie's parents are coming into town tonight- kind of dreading it a bit. mainly i'm just dreading all of the riding of the train that will be involved. they are staying wayyyyy down off of the roosevelt stop and every time we go walking around with them they ask us to ride the train back to their hotel with them and then we have to ride it alllll the way back home. it takes ages. stefanie has a really huge, packed itinerary too so it'll be a ton of bouncing around from place to place. it'd be nice if they'd spring for a cab every once in a while, but they never do. naturally i have no money right now- i wouldn't have a problem doing the springing.
we're having the first practice for the string players on saturday for the upcoming radio set. i'm always enjoying practicing with them and adding more songs to the repertoire. it's getting to the point where there are songs that we don't have to practice at all with them and the amount of those songs is growing which is just going to make playing shows with them easier and easier which encourages me to have them play more and more. i'm trying to get a show going at the empty bottle in the new year and usually i just want to do empty bottle shows as just stefanie and i but now i think i want to bring the string players along. i see little point in playing any shows where they aren't involved. they're game, so why not?
i'm going to wrap this entry up and then post the remaster of the hope sandoval recording- which sounds loads better than the previous version. plus someone let me know that the flacs in the original post were corrupted. bummer!

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