Friday, December 18, 2009

best tracks of 2009 playlist

1. 'the call'- zaza- cameo 12"
2. 'when i'm gone'- vivian girls- everything goes wrong
3. 'the midnight sun'- the warlocks- the mirror explodes
4. 'destroyed fortress reappears'- thee oh sees- help
5. 'the serious matter'- brian jonestown massacre- smoking acid
6. 'love is a wave'- crystal stilts- love is a wave 7"
7. 'hellhole ratrace'- girls- hellhole ratrace 10"
8. 'circulation'- deerhunter- rainwater cassette exchange
9. 'troubled, shaken, etc.'- sian alice group- troubled, shaken, etc.
10. 'middle cyclone'- neko case- middle cyclone
11. 'foreground'- grizzly bear- veckatimest
12. 'i hear the vibrations'- wooden shjips- contact 12"
13. 'walking & falling'/'over & over'- spectrum- war sucks 12"
14. 'wine'- the raveonettes- in and out of control
15. 'sweet come down'- the black ryder- buy the ticket, take the ride
16. 'satellite'- hope sandoval & the warm inventions- through the devil softly

most of my favourite tracks came from eps, 12"es and 7"es as you can see from this list. wooden shjips managed to outdo their own full-length release 'dos' with the two tracks that make up the beautiful 'contact' 12". the 'war sucks' ep would've made the list if it hadn't been an ep. an ep with only 4 tracks does not an album make. i've included 'walking & falling' and 'over & over' because personally i can't seperate the two and refuse to do so. i didn't think much of 'rainwater cassette exchange' until fairly recently- it's problem for me had been that every single song on it was equally amazing. it was tough to pick one track for this to be honest and there are only five tracks. the greatest shame about the new raveonettes album is 'wine'- because it's so fantastic and beautiful and the rest of the album is so pandering and a bit too eager to please. i wanted to put 'troubled, shaken etc.' and 'everything goes wrong' on my top five, but there were just other records that i bought that i listened to a lot more. lastly, i have wanted to buy 'album' by girls, but after buying the 'lust for life' single and being TOTALLY underwhelmed by it i figured i should skip it and just enjoy that first, brilliant 10". it's a shame they can't stick with the styles and possibilities posed by those two tracks and instead are opting for the bone-headed jangly fluff that is 'lust for life' and 'life in san francisco.' i'm sorry but 'i wish i had a pizza and a bottle of wine' just makes me bristle completely. well, that's all from me. stay tuned for the 'christmas suite' video. it's 2/3rds of the way done.

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