Thursday, December 17, 2009

a blink and the whole year is gone...

holy crap- what happened to this month? we're going to be in kansas city next week (we leave right after i get off of work next wednesday) and it's going to be christmas. it snuck up on me so quickly that i actually find myself completely unprepared. we are so far behind in our holiday movie-watching. soooooo far behind!
i have a lot to do today, and yet i'm still sitting here whiling the hours away at metropolis. listening to the hope sandoval show and dicking around on facebook. yipes. i was invited to join some sme group and found some people i haven't heard from in AGES- namely my best friend from grade school and middle school who i lost touch with once i started hanging out with mike and billy. kinda sad, but it happens a lot. people kind of suck in that they'll just kind of become wrapped up in whatever bunch of people are around them at any given time (yup, i'm one of the ones that sucks in that generalisation). i think he's a professor at ku now and married as well. we're at the age now where practically everyone is married. stefanie and i are no longer special. right now seems to be the era of people around us getting married left and right. super-weird to watch. i'm kind of enjoying it because it makes us look like veterans and people ask us for advice. we don't know what to tell them, but it's still fun.
as far as the work i have to do- i have finish 'christmas song'- i had to record over the 6-string basses in that song in order to have a functioning input to record katelyn's violin part on. kind of a bummer because if i'd just been able to get all three of them together at the same time this problem could've been avoided and it would've been done last week without much fanfare. bummah! the 5th input keeps doing this REALLY fucking annoying thing where it gets demagnetized slightly causing this odd tremolo-like effect. so now the strings are on and i have to figure out a way to get the 6-string bass back on and also duplicate the guitar track. i also have to figure out if it's possible to do all of this AND keep the guide guitar track. i've developed a tradition of trying to keep it in if i can because i've found it makes it possible to make some very nice bare-bones mixes that i've been calling 'strings mix'es. i think they'd be nice little tidbits for the future. i also was able to keep the original guide tracks intact for a few 'down to sleep' songs- a few of which have the guide vocal track as well- the first piece of the puzzle. it's very difficult to do this on the 8-track cassette machine. urgh. because of this when i practiced with katelyn on tuesday night it doubled her time at our apartment- which i felt terrible about. we did the track about five or six times. not normal for me.
i struck upon a nice idea for the 'christmas suite' single- i thought it would be cool to go ahead and make a video for 'pale' as well so that i could string the four of them together and make a dvd- which would be the perfect way to package it and sell it at shows. i wanted a double 7-inch originally, but since that costs just as much as a 12-inch it became apparent early on that that wasn't the way to go with money being as tight as it is right now. i then thought it would be better to just make cdrs of it for sale on tour, but this will be much better. i was going to go ahead and just burn them at home. i still haven't tried to use idvd on the new laptop, but i think it'll be good.
i also think that my top five records of the year list is all done as well now too. all the results are in folks! it was actually a bit difficult to figure out five of the best out of all of the stuff that i bought this year. i bought more new music than i normally do- there are a few i missed.

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