Thursday, July 17, 2008


i'm quite excited about pitchfork. i've got a ticket for tomorrow nite. i am bringing my recorder and i am definitely going to try to record it. i hope it works. i'm planning on recording mission of burma and sebadoh. on sunday i want to record spiritualized (obviously) and probably dinosaur jr. and spoon. power is kind of an issue (as in battery power), but i will do my best. i burned the juana molina set to a cdr. i only got the last two songs of her set- one of them i didn't even get the whole thing- the intro is cut. but it does sound quite good, so that's what's important. as long as i can get the shit to work then it should be just fine. since it's outdoor as well and the sound at pitchfork is never very loud then volume won't be an issue so i actually probably won't even have to adjust the level. we'll see what happens. mission of burma is kind of going to be a guinea pig in a lot of ways- i'm just going to record it as is and see if it turns out better and then sebadoh i'm going to do the manual volume mode to see if that works better for the festival because it's most important to me to get sebadoh's set- all of 'bubble and scrape' for god's sake! woohoo!
i actually was at work all day today. it was kind of a big to-do. i was originally supposed to close tonight for anthony, but then ty had something he had to do this morning so will switched it out yesterday and asked me to come in at my normal time. it was quite a crazy busy day, but i made about $36 in tips so it worked out. i spend most of it on 'directions to see a ghost' by the black angels on triple vinyl. it appears to have two extra tracks. we shall see what they actually are. i suspect they'll be songs from the tour ep, just a hunch.
the tour is so far coming along pleasingly. we have four shows booked and confirmed and possibly a fifth on the way. i'm not sure. the people mama buzz emailed me back and said we should do the 23rd. i think that the second wave of emailing and such will begin tomorrow. i originally was planning on getting in another portland show on thursday the 18th, but since we're playing on friday night and doing the radio show it might be nice to just do something low-key on thursday night rather than play another show. i am going to try and get us another bay area show since if we do get the mama buzz cafe show it's likely that we'll have to play without a p.a. and it would be fun to be able to do both. i also did finally make contact with someone in l.a. and i'm going to be sending her a cd, so hopefully a show at the smell will work out. it's nice that we still have over two months until the date arrives. it goes to show you kids- it never ever hurts to plan ahead. i'm also supposed to email about a show in minneapolis tomorrow from a promising source. so far the only place i really haven't gotten any kind of response (apart from a few 'no's) at all is from davis, arcata, or eureka. we also haven't really had any luck in missoula- one of the booking we emailed said 'we already have two out of town bands on that night.' that's a favourite booking person trick- you email them and they don't respond to you for weeks until they have something better come along and then they say 'we already have people booked- sorry.' even if you email them months in advance they will still do this- not respond to you at all until something better comes along. basically if we don't get a show in missoula then we will likely just head out to spokane as soon as we're done playing at the university and that way we can relax with sara there and have a place to sleep for a few nights that's free. same with the northern california shows- if one doesn't work out then we can just drive straight to the place in stinson beach and then we'll have an extra day to relax and such there.
i was pondering seeing about going back to chase for a few months. misty staffing called me to see what i'm doing right now since chase were looking for new people. if i don't have to do the background check and the training again then i'd like to at least give it a try- i could certainly use the money and it would basically be just as much money as the sleep deprivation study would've been. it would be quite a bit of a sleep deprivation study in and of itself, for that matter. i'd never be able to get more than about five hours sleep a night for about four nights out of the week. whatever didn't get used on the tour could be pumped into another release or some recording equipment- i need a few more microphones to record album number seven and i would like to finally get a 1/4" 2-track to mix down to as i mention all the time here. i seriously doubt that they'd just take me on for two months and then that'd be it- they are probably looking more for people who can do the whole project... worth a shot, tho... we'll see...

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