Friday, July 11, 2008

daydreaming days

i finally bought the 4lp box of 'daydream nation.' it's quite good- i haven't listened to any of the extras yet but holy shit does the album sound AMAZING this way. seriously worth shelling out the money for. you might as well buy the vinyl as well since the double cd costs just as much and i am just loving owning this album on vinyl. it works way better as a double lp than as a single cd. i'm wondering now if they're going to go through the whole back catalogue and reissue 'sister' and 'evol' which would be awesome as well. i'm quite sure that those two albums would sound better far and away on nice remastered vinyl- especially 'sister' which sounds kind of crappy on cd. i also bought a vivian girls 7" and the 33 and a 1/3 book on 'loveless.' last night after stefanie went to bed and i got sick of trolling around on the internet i just sat on the floor and listened to 'daydream nation' through my headphones while i was burning it to cd so i can load it onto my ipod and reading the 'loveless' book. it was a really nice experience. very fitting. the author very wisely lets kevin do nearly all of the talking in the book. he interviews the other members of the band as well, but reading what kevin has to say is quite fascinating.
i really hate to do this and even put myself in the same universe with kevin in terms of music making, listening what-not but i was incredibly fascinated by a lot of what he had to say about music and sound and that it was stuff i had been fascinated with for a long time as well. one part that i found incredibly fascinating was that he also is big into sleep deprivation and talked about organic ways to induce altered states- i.e. strobe lights, sleep deprivation, etc. this i found incredibly fascinating. he hasn't done a lot of drugs. this is something i'm usually a bit insecure about sometimes because it seems like, writing psychedelic music and playing it and listening to it that i should be mr. druggie man but news flash folks- i hardly ever do any drugs at all. the most i've ever done is smoke pot. i've never done acid because i don't have the right kind of personality for it. i would definitely be up for doing mushrooms but i've never really known anyone who knows where to get ahold of them. when stefanie and i go to amsterdam we want to drink absinthe and take mushrooms since all of that stuff is decriminalized there. but really that's about it. cocaine i don't particularly have any interest in doing. heroin either. that one seems like one you just shouldn't fuck with at all although i have known people who've done it and quit- they tell me it's easier to quit using heroin than it is to quit smoking. i don't know- drugs seem a bit like a cliche these days. nearly everyone's done some kind of drug or drugs. i don't really understand what's so subversive apart from the fact that they're illegal. all they are is something that puts you in an altered state, which you can get from other things anyway. my dreams are fucking weird enough, thanks very much. one dream i had written into a song i wrote the lyrics out on a message board for people to read and one guy told me about how it read like a ridiculously intense acid trip.
i heard back from the sleep study folks and i didn't get it. i suspect it might have been because of my psychological profile test. one of the questions that i answered honestly i was like 'oooh, i should probably lie at this point.' i can't remember what it was but it's just a bunch of statements and then you either write down true or false. i sometimes believe that i'm borderline damn near everything- borderline clinical depression, borderline ocd, whatever. i used to be worried that i'd become schizophrenic, but i don't worry about it so much anymore. i believe that the onset is often at around the age of 24-25 or so and if you make it past then then you're probably okay. plus i really don't hear voices in my head that aren't there at all and i never have.
wow, this is a super boring entry.
tonight we're going to see feist at ravinia courtesy of my dad who i talked to today. pretty sweet! i'm going to try out the microphone i got. if i don't like it i'm going to buy the other one and try to get it shipped here quickly through amazon (not through the folks that i tried to buy it through before) and try and sell the one that i have now. it's just not very discreet and i really wish that it was more discreet. when i go home i'm going to try and test it again in a similar way that i have tested mics before. i'm still quite gutted about the way that the warlocks and black angels shows turned out. such a bummer because where it isn't peaking it actually sounds quite nice. well, we'll see i guess.
if the results are good i'll post them on this blog. woohoo!

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