Thursday, July 24, 2008

'down to sleep' has finally arrived

yup. i've got the boxes of cds stowed in our apartment. it was very difficult to find room for them. i'm also a bit disappointed in the printing job- it just isn't very clean, which could be my fault and it might not be. i'm beginning to believe that it must be the pressing plant's fault because the proofs looked better than the actual cds do. the front and back covers both look like they were made of colour copiers at kinko's. the inside of the booklet pictures look fine as does the inside of the traycard. i'm beginning to think that we should just do the cover artwork ourselves from now on and that way the responsibility will be purely up to us. i'm pretty happy with the way the 'learning how to crawl' covers look even with the hand-mounted pictures printed from our printer. i'm more happy with the way they look than i am with how this looks. the little breaks in the pictures that are in it did not show up on nick and nadine's computer screen- which i feel it would've if it had been there on the original old digital photos. what's more if it had been on them then it would've been blurred since those photos were all blurred into oblivion partially because that was the look i was going for and also partially because they were lo resolution digital pictures that i had to change to high resolution ones.
our problems might be over in that department now since stefanie got her sister's old digital camera in the mail, so now i might appropriate stefanie's old camera so that it will take 300dpi resolution pictures that it will be possible to use for album artwork in the future.
i don't think i want to use cdman anymore anyway- disk factory recently sent us a convincing booklet with much better deals in it for our duplication needs. cdman was always the best for a long time, but i have a feeling those days are over. it's also a bit of a moot point since it looks like i want our future releases to pretty much all be on vinyl. the next ep will come out on cd since it's one of those secret full-lengths and with the 8 songs it's going to be too long to fit on a single lp.
speaking of which listening to the 'low level owl' albums on vinyl has renewed my interest in doing something similar. i keep thinking about the 13 long instrumentals that i did back in 2000 and 2001 after i got back from london. since we now have real drums i am beginning to think about the possibility of redoing them and getting the ones that seemed incomplete to the place where they are more fully-fleshed-out. the only problem would be that we would never be able to recreate them live as it would take about a nine-piece band to recreate them properly and i'd never be able to get that many people together to be cooperative and do my evil bidding.
plus it'd be a bit strange to go from what we're doing now to these fully fleshed-out orchestral instrumentals. it just wouldn't make much sense. but who knows, maybe people would fucking shit themselves over it. i don't know.
other than that today is going to be about getting the first few copies of 'down to sleep' out to some people in kansas city even though it's probably too late for them to write about us at all, but i guess i have to give it a try. i'm so sick of buying those fucking cd bubble mailers that i considered making my own packaging from the gaggle of cardboard boxes i just got in the mail. it'd probably be protected better than in those stupid flimsy bubble mailers, and we have our own bubble wrap. it'd certainly save me a ton of money.
so that's my plan at the moment- go down to beans and bagels and pick up my paycheck, drop by the post office and mail some cds, go to the bank and deposit my check, etc. here we go again.
got a message from tony that he's living in portland and rides by rererato every day. very strange that he's living in portland right now. it makes sense though- it's not like he is after a permanent living-wage job out there, so really it's the perfect place for a person like him.
well, enough fun anyway, i have to write some fucking press releases. i hate writing these. i guess i shouldn't sweat it too much. it's all kind of a joke anyway...

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