Thursday, July 3, 2008


i posted this further down, but i'm making this posting purely to share the covers record more widely. i feel like this turned out really well considering how easy it was to do- it only took us two and a half weeks to do from start to finish including mixing. these were done as a father's day present for stefanie's and my dad. 'candy says' is the first song stefanie and i ever sang together. the second was 'the weather king.' she couldn't hear the backing tracks because we only had one pair of headphones and she is just singing along with my voice. enjoy!

1. ring the bells (the kinks)
2. harvest moon (neil young)
3. long, long, long (the beatles)
4. play with fire (the rolling stones)
5. 4th time around (bob dylan)
6. nighttime (big star)
7. suzanne (leonard cohen)
8. knock loud (neko case)
9. candy says (the velvet underground)

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