Thursday, August 2, 2007

i need a new job right this instant

today some fucked up shit happened at work that nearly had me leaving for lunch and never coming back. the only reasons are because i don't have anything else lined up yet and i have this week-long project that will cause me to be working alone for about a week (hopefully). the two main boss ladies at my job are the two most conniving and passive-aggressive psychos that i've ever met in my life. the next thing they do to piss me off i'm walking. today the owner lady caught me making a few mistakes on the phone- one was putting someone on hold while i was looking for something on the shelf for them that they wanted to order. she told me to tell her i'd call her back. i didn't do it immediately and i fucked up and admitted to something stupid and before i could finish my explanation i was cut off and then a few minutes later she gathered all of us around for a staff meeting. she mentioned what i'd just done and went on about how we shouldn't put people on hold- we need to tell them we'll call them back after we've searched the shelves. then there was a whole talk about customer service and how there've been a lot of complaints about people who answer the phone- funnily enough most of them matched mistakes i've made with customers on the phone. i suck on the phone. i know this. then she brought up the other mistake i'd made that day, then the office manager made and example of me because i have a tendency to say 'um' a lot when i'm thinking on the phone because it doesn't inspire confidence in the people who call in and order $6000 worth of stuff. so this staff meeting became 'let's rag on tyler and make him our scapegoat.' the owner even said 'not to make an example of tyler again, but, earlier today tyler did...' blah blah blah. at work lately it's been little passive-aggressive bullshit that doesn't bother me so much at the time- i take it in stride while it's happening- i imagine they probably don't think i'm upset in the slightest by this passive-aggressive shit- but then i go away and sit down and realise that it really pissed me off. this is long after the incident.
so basically i'm looking for a job now. i'm calling my temp agency tomorrow to see if i can go back to ceda. we're stopping by fedex kinko's after work tomorrow to fax a resume to a place that needs a data entry clerk.
some good news today though- my check from the credit card company finally came in the mail, so tomorrow i'm going to deposit all of my money that i've been saving and then i'm going to order the eps finally. i'm super excited. awersome!
that's really about it i guess. i should probably go to sleep though because i'm exhausted and since today was so shitty god knows what tomorrow will be like.
the ironic thing is that when i came in to work today i was feeling kind of refreshed about things there and i was resolved to stay on to get to year two. i'd been having a rough time for the last week or so, but not quite like this. it was what i'd call a bearable level. i wanted to leave then too, but then i get back in the right frame of mind and this happens. i think it's time to just trust in my own self-worth for a change and not be a fucking scapegoat for assholes. i'll tell you one thing- if i get another job soon i'm not giving them two weeks there. if an interviewer says 'can you start tomorrow?' the answer is yes. if i get any more abuse i'm just grabbing my bag and leaving. it might be good to do the walk out. i've never done it before.
more irony- stefanie's graduated from massage therapy school and the owner is always begging her not to leave and here they are treating me, her husband, like shit and she's aware of it and somehow they still expect her to stay on. she's sending in her money to get licensed. once that comes through she's leaving too. i think she might be staying on for another month because she wanted to spend a month giving massages to friends for practise before she gets a job. she even has a place where she's going to try and get a job. we've met the owner and he's very nice. it's in evanston.

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