Tuesday, August 14, 2007

lookout- i'm closing in

the vocals for the third album are almost finished. there are two left that stefanie and i must sing together, and then there are another three that i still have to sing alone. this is quite exciting as it's been a long time coming and it's seemed so overpowering and impossible up until now. tomorrow after work will be a pretty busy time- gots to go to tha bank and then to a fedex kinko's to fax a resume. i applied for two file clerk jobs tonight. i really do hope i get one of them. even the temp-to-perm one i would take over what i'm doing now. it pays better (not by much, but it still pays better and there is the opportunity for overtime which i do like).
i have earmarked about $100 to buy the arigato paks and a silkscreening kit to hopefully finish the ep. hopefully. i'm going to buy the silk-screening kit asap and order the paks so that i can practice silk-screening until the paks come in the mail. i may even look into doing a research study or something like that to help pay for all of the equipment i am going to need to finish this album. namely i just need some more microphones. i actually wanted to try and use more than two mics to record the drum tracks, which is why most of them haven't been done yet. i am quite happy with the drum tracks that we've done already, but i think that they can be even better if i get more mics and find ways to experiment with different drum sounds. i am going to need more mics anyway to finish the guitars too. i would like to get a vox ac30 as well to finish the guitar tracks. this is quite a longshot, but i might as well suck it up and buy one now and get it out of the way. it is also possible that i will need to use one of those effects processors that rounds out the low end and gives it huge definition and presence when i'm mixing. not on everything just on a few real bottom-heavy tracks. i was going to use it on the drums to make the table more prominent but not overpowering or mushy sounding. we shall see. o yes.
today i got horribly and awfully depressed by some offhand comments that kylie made at work today. when she first met me she sized me up in about five minutes and i feel like she's never really looked at me past that first impression (it was not a good one- she totally talked down to me and treated me like a huge dumbass), which isn't cool because she has me pegged completely wrong in the same way that most people do. for some reason i make a bad first impression and i don't really know why this is. i think that it's because i'm reserved and reserve tends to be mistaken for a feeling of superiority or rampant arrogance and egotism. i don't know why this is. it's a shame, that's for sure because reserve isn't like that at all. it's something called MODESTY and HUMILITY.
so then i got into suicidal self-loathing mode, which is never fun and then that gets me into fatalistic mode and i need to not succumb to that stuff right now- i have a lot to do and i have to remind myself that things are going well and i shouldn't be discouraged.
listened to the for carnation tonight. burned it to cd. it's kind of a crime that i'd only listened to it once since i'd bought it. i'm burning the first slint album to cd right now as well- another record i overlooked completely. for some reason i'm having to play catch up with all of the awesome stuff that i bought when i was living in portland- lee hazlewood is the perfect example of this. i listened to 'cowboy in sweden' once after i bought it and had put it in the pile of records to burn to cd and dragged it out after he died and, lo and behold, i love the crap out of it! his production is intoxicating- especially the way he uses strings and the arrangements/arrangers he uses. wow. it's a goal of mine to be able to write string arrangements of that caliber. i've already got the weird harmonic sense going for me. rock on.
stefanie and i are doing a cover of 'leather and lace' at one of our upcoming shows. i'd like it if we could get hannah involved but i don't think that's going to happen since we won't have enough time to practise with her before these shows since she's leaving the country and all.

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