Saturday, August 18, 2007

to report?

it's tough to say if i have anything to report. we went to the ten cat for becca's birthday party last night. that was a lot of fun. her viola playing friend, brendan, who we'd met before was there, which was good because i was going to ask becca for his contact info as when we were at becca's 4th of july party stefanie and i were doing 'jennifer' on an acoustic guitar and he joined in and made something up to play along with to it and he'd never heard the song before. this is something i appreciate very much so, so naturally i wanted to get in touch with him because i have a few songs that i thought might be more well-suited to violin rather than cello and i wanted someone who could make up their own part for them rather than have to write the whole thing out. i'm not sure if these two tracks will become anything, but one definitely has some hope. what's more i've been toying with the idea of doing more three-part string parts for album number four (yes, i am that far ahead- a few songs are nearly finished). a viola would be nice to fill in the middle.
so we'll see how that goes. hopefully it will work out really well.
other than that we didn't do jack today. we did go downtown and i bought a silk-screening kit. i can't use it until i get some transparencies to print the text onto. i typed up the text in the arrangement i wanted today, so now i just need to get the transparencies and give the whole thing a try. i hope that i can do a decent job at this. only time will tell. lots of people do these well, so with some practise i should be fine.
the arigato paks have been ordered as well and the cds are being shipped on monday. it's possible that they will both come at the same time. exciting!

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