Tuesday, July 31, 2007


i have renewed my affair with this woman-

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neko case had kind of unseated her. i only have room for one red-haired siren in my life evidently. i hope they can co-exist now. anyway, i was going to listen to 'fox confessor...' at work today but then something made me want to listen to 'escondida' and it sucked me in real quick. i almost listened to the whole thing today- didn't quite get to the last track, but 'darling ukelele' is still my favourite song of hers. amazing.
bought two records at laurie's planet of sound today- the sonics- 'here are the sonics' and blue cheer- 'vincebus eruptum.' good stuff. if i have money later in this pay cycle (haw haw haw...) i would like to go back and buy the other sonics album ('boom') and a rolling stones record they had that i wanted ('between the buttons'- can't seem to ever find that one anywhere).
i also wanted to buy the 'that 70s show' season 4 set. tall order. did not get enough money to press the ep like i was hoping. at this point it looks like i have to either wait for the next paycheck in two weeks or hope that i actually do get my fucking refund check from capital one that they have owed me since april. i'm not holding my breath on that one- i think i have to call them up and yell at somebody to actually get my money. it's ironic isn't it. maybe i should charge them a $40 fee for every month that they haven't paid me what they owed me...
speaking of $40 fees somehow $6 disappeared from my checking account and i overdrew $3.50 and they still charged me a $29 overdraft fee. well, actually my online statement was different from what the woman at the bank showed me on her computer screen. interesting. most curious. somehow i stub every little teeny transaction and check them off as they clear and add ones in that i've forgotten (which hasn't happened in over a year) and balance my register against my online statement with a calculator on a weekly basis and somehow i still manage to 'make a mistake in my math' (this is what they tell you when you call them up to try and get them to remove these overdraft charges). it's funny isn't it? the premise of a bank- you give them your money to keep safe for you, but suddenly when your math doesn't add up to theirs you're the one making the mistakes and there's no way you can prove that they are actually the ones making mistakes and then stealing even more of your money with these little overdraft fees that then make you owe them money. i just need to stick to my very strict 'cash only' policy. the last math error i made was actually in my favor for once and i had $100 extra in my account last month and i used 40 of it and took the other 60 out in cash. i should've just taken the whole lot out right when i found out about it. i usually just leave enough money in there to pay for the checks that i have to write for that pay period and then leave a little padding, but there never seems to be enough- 5, 10, 15, 20. funny that. maybe someday soon i'll be one of those crazies who keeps all of his money in the freezer. it's not far off.

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