Saturday, July 21, 2007

our show at cal's was kinda crappy. sound was shitty, crowd talked LOUDLY through our entire set and then who i would assume was the booker got huffy when stefanie asked us if they gave the bands free beers. the bartender was about to give her two when he came over and was like 'well, you only brought in one person- so i'm just going to give you one' and some other stuff as well i believe. we were going to hang around and watch the other band- but after that we'd kind of lost the desire to be in this guy's establishment so we left. i wanted to stay for the other band's set because they seemed to like us quite a bit despite the fact that they talked through our set really loudly.
so we're never going back there and we're also never going to break our 'no bars' rule. i was going to try and get us a show at ronny's- but since that's a bar that would be breaking the rule. i'd really just like to play at mr. city, south union arts and the empty bottle again. i also wouldn't mind playing at subterranean. all of our friends punked out on us and didn't show up too- which was kind of a bummer since they seemed so hot-to-trot to come. i was pretty sure they wouldn't though.
i really hate it when you play at a place that isn't really dependant on the money that they make from shows- usually people will pay the cover to just come in and drink and they have people coming in and out drinking there all day. cal's is in the loop and is the only bar that stays open after 7 and they get a ton of extra business because of it. if other bars in the loop are able to stay open until 7 and pay their rent then it seems to me that them having shows should be no pressure and thus leave them as a good choice for bands with little to no draw (like us). it's getting kind of annoying though since our friends never really bother to come us see us (except for the once). i think we play too much. i'm not sure that'd make a huge difference. i guess we should see. i think i might just try to commit to working on the record. i'd still like to do some acoustic instores for the ep. if the above listed venues reply to our requests for shows then i'll take them. otherwise i'm not going to try and book any new shows at any new places- especially bars. shalloboi+bars=big disaster.

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