Thursday, July 19, 2007


this is my first post here at blogspot. i'm hoping i like it a bit more here than at livejournal. i guess this will be a new place to put all of my surveys and ramblings and whatnot. no particular agenda i guess. just more tyler. you poor bastards.
tonight i got super pissed because my online payment for my washington mutual credit card didn't post for some reason (who knows why) and naturally they charged me $40. seems reasonable right? so i'd try and do another payment, but since they already charged me the fee i'm going to go ahead and wait a week to see if it posts later. if it does then i'm fucking screwed because i entered for it to post on the day that it was due and that means that since i have to use my paycheck from the 15th of every month to pay it and it's usually due on the 17th so now it looks like every month there's a good chance i'll be charged a $40 fee. i didn't get a confirmation number either so for some reason stefanie told me to call them even though i knew it wouldn't do any good. i'm really upset about this and it's really unfair- a similar thing has happened to me with online payments and transfers before and it's had the same result. last time it resulted in about $120 in overdraft charges at my bank at the time and since they wouldn't reverse all of them i closed my account. fucked up. i'm just one of a million people who get screwed by these bloodsuckers every day. i may never get out of debt if this continues. shit- three months of this and i'm $120 in the hole. since i've transferred my balance and made payments each month of at least $100 my balance has still managed to go up $250. riddle me that. my balance transfer is supposed to be interest free until september.
anyway we had this really depressing state of the union talk and i thought i should try to release the ep a different way and we went around in circles and as it turns out the way i was going to do it is still the most cost-effective and sensible. i have more than half of the money that i need for the cd pressing as of right now. the packaging we are going to do ourselves and we already have the cardstock for the front cover image and i was going to get a silkscreening kit to do the printing on the back. i was even going to look in to going to kinko's and getting some stickers printed of the endless december logo to put on the cds.
it is late and i probably should get to sleep...

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