Thursday, March 31, 2016

diary 3.26.16- my hands are shaky, my knees are weak

song- artist- album

1. stray- lush- 'spooky'
2. new ways- daughter- 'not to disappear'
3. i found the f- broadcast- 'tender buttons'
4. avant gardener- courtney barnett- 'the double ep: a sea of split-peas'
5. are you with me now?- cate le bon- 'mug museum'
6. tv queen- wild nothing- 'life of pause'
7. is the is are- diiv- 'is the is are'
8. ballad of sister sue- slowdive- 'just for a day'
9. sunshine recorder- boards of canada- 'geodaddi'
10. ostinaut- wume- 'maintain'
11. life on mars?- david bowie- 'hunky dory'
12. cosmically aligned- widowspeak- 'all yours'
13. the revolution of hearts, pt. i and ii'- helium- 'the magic city'
14. elegy to the void- beach house- 'thank your lucky stars'
15. moon song- my bloody valentine- 'tremolo'

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