Thursday, February 18, 2016

diary 2.17.16- setting fire to our insides for fun

song- artist- album

1. levitation- beach house- 'pitchfork paris 2015'
2. accidentals- broadcast- 'work and non work'
3. out of the woodwork- courtney barnett- 'the split ep: a sea of split-peas'
4. valentine- diiv- 'is the is are'
5. fukitol- the stargazer lilies- bandcamp single
6. ocean of wine- helium- 'the magic city'
7. greta- cate le bon- 'cyrk'
8. crazy love- chelsea wolfe- 'abyss'
9. on battleship hill- pj harvey- 'let england shake'
10. spectre- radiohead- soundcloud single
11. youth- daughter- '4ad session'
12. dreaming of you- cigarettes after sex- 'i.'
13. she's the one- the beta band- 'the three eps'
14. blackstar- david bowie- 'blackstar'
15. red room blues- pygmy lush- 'mount hope'

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