Thursday, April 21, 2016

diary 4.21.16- sometimes it snows in april

I had an April diary planned, but it was coming along slowly. This mix, however, came together very quickly. These are my favorite Prince songs mostly made up of the meager sampling of his albums that I have on vinyl (plus a little sidetrip into some tracks I only have on CD). I am pretty proud of it and it was definitely a very inspired and spontaneous compilation that is a tribute to one of my (and many, many) favorite musicians ever.

song- album

1. sign 'o the times- 'sign 'o the times'
2. kiss- 'parade'
3. little red corvette- '1999'
4. when doves cry- 'purple rain'
5. starfish and coffee- 'sign 'o the times'
6. raspberry beret- 'around the world in a day'
7. delirious- '1999'
8. housequake- 'sign 'o the times'
9. gett off- 'diamonds and pearls'
10. alphabet st.- 'lovesexy'
11. cream- 'diamonds and pearls'
12. 7- 'love symbol #2'
13. the beautiful ones- 'purple rain'
14. purple rain- 'purple rain'
15. sometimes it snows in april- 'parade'

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