Friday, August 28, 2015

diary 8.26.15- tired of pushing my luck

Diary 8.26.15- tired of pushing my luck by Shalloboi on Mixcloud

song- artist- album

1. pur- cocteau twins- 'four calendar cafe'
2. sparks- beach house- 'depression cherry'
3. into black- blouse- s/t
4. shades of cool- lana del rey- 'ultraviolence'
5. gun shy- widowspeak- s/t
6. black postcards- luna- 'romantica'
7. good fortune- pj harvey- 'stories from the city, stories from the sea'
8. drip with honey- thelightshines- 'before the sandman sung'
9. up too high- the jesus & mary chain- 'the power of negative thinking'
10. no comprende- low- 'ones and sixes'
11. i think i knew- cate le bon- 'mug museum'
12. oh well, okay- elliott smith- 'xo'
13. here- chatham rise- s/t
14. fade out- loop- 'fade out'
15. lover, you should've come over- jeff buckley- 'mystery white boy'
16. come on, sleep- my violent ego- 'one day you'll laugh at the sad saga that was'

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