Thursday, July 16, 2015

diary 7.16.15- you're like a comet

Diary 7.16.15- you're like a comet by Shalloboi on Mixcloud

song- artist- album

1. aikea-guinea- cocteau twins- 'aikea-guinea'
2. dreams burn down- ride- 'nowhere'
3. withered hand- thee oh sees- 'mutilator defeated at last'
4. free the skull- moon duo- 'shadow of the sun'
5. moon in my mouth- no joy- 'more faithful'
6. the optic nerve- death and vanilla- 'to where the wild things are'
7. take pills- panda bear- 'person pitch'
8. higher than the sun- primal scream- 'screamadelica'
9. be there- low- 'songs for a dead pilot'
10. well i wonder- the smiths- 'meat is murder'
11. since i fell for you- the sonics- 'boom'
12. ballad of the golden hour- widowspeak- 'almanac'
13. honey bee- superchunk- 'come pick me up'
14. throwing stones- the black ryder- 'the door behind the door'
15. all over again- sharon van etten- 'i don't want to let you down'
16. formulas and frequencies- whirr- 'pipe dreams'
17. be here now- loop- 'a gilded eternity'

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