Friday, September 25, 2015

diary 9.16.15- going underground

Diary 9.16.15- going underground by Shalloboi on Mixcloud

song- artist- album

1. meadowsweet- chatham rise- 'we are the sun' 12"
2. destroying angel- bardo pond- 'ticket crystals'
3. the nail will burn (burn out)- loop- 'a gilded eternity' bonus 7"
4. several girls galore- my bloody valentine- 'isn't anything'
5. shadow of a doubt- sonic youth- 'evol'
6. jet black- jawbreaker- 'dear you'
7. laszlo- unwound- 'empire' box set
8. lillian (won't you play drums)- white fence
9. arcana- death and vanilla- 'to where the wild things are'
10. crosswords- panda bear- '...meets the grim reaper'
11. meditations on death- thelightshines- 'we are the sun' 12"
12. mug museum- cate le bon- 'mug museum'
13. barcarolle- tom waits- 'alice'
14. i won't be found- tamaryn- 'cranekiss'
15. 10:37- beach house- 'depression cherry'
16. landslide- low- 'ones and sixes'
17. another ballad for heavy lids- stars of the lid- '...and their refinement of the deline'

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