Tuesday, December 31, 2013

shalloboi- 12.14.13- wnur 89.3fm

this is probably my favourite of all of our visits to WNUR, or any radio station for that matter. my only gripe is that i wish the guitar were louder during the last few songs, but that's it. i love the mix, it's just the right amount of reverb on our vocals plus we were able to pull the 'christmas suite' off without the strings. this version of 'swing low' is so good i considered putting it on the forthcoming 'chinese blue' double LP in favor of the more fully fleshed-out version of it i have- it definitely put to bed any notions i had of leaving that song off of the album.

the last visit to WNUR with the strings was really great, but it was nice to be able to play with such abandon- when we played with the strings that last time we had to keep it pretty restrained.

props to ethan simonoff who booked us for this session, engineered it and was the lone dj on duty that evening (and for playing some stars of the lid to set the mood)!

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