Friday, December 13, 2013

diary 12.12.13- listen, the snow is falling

Diary 12.12.13- listen, the snow is falling by Shalloboi on Mixcloud

song- artist- album

1. tiniest lights- angel olsen- 'strange cacti'
2. lovestruck- the fauns- s/t
3. happy- mazzy star- 'among my swan'
4. last snowstorm of the year- low- 'trust'
5. no christmas while i'm talking- the walkmen- 'bows + arrows'
6. winter wooksie- belle & sebastian- 'push barman to the door to open old wounds'
7. snowblinder- lilys- 'in the presence of nothing'
8. silver & plastic- the warlocks- 'skull worship'
9. wind and snow- grouper- 'dragging a dead deer up a hill'
10. iceberg- thee oh sees- 'thee hounds of foggy notion'
11. when were you happy?- laura marling- 'once i was an eagle'
12. ragtime- neko case- 'the worse things get, the harder i fight, the harder i fight, the more i love you'
13. the thinner the air- cocteau twins- 'victorialand'
14. what are they doing in heaven today?- mogwai- 'les revenents' soundtrack
15. spread your wings- spiritualized- 'pure phase'
16. listen, the snow is falling- galaxie 500- 'this is our music'
17. december will be magic again- kate bush- 'experiment iv' 12"

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