Monday, December 30, 2013

best of 2013: part four of four

Best of 2013 by Shalloboi on Mixcloud

song- artist- album

1. in the kingdom- mazzy star- 'seasons of your day'
2. jubilee street- nick cave & the bad seeds- 'push the sky away'
3. the one eyed king- jacco gardner- 'cabinet of curiosities'
4. last conversation- veronica falls- 'waiting for something to happen'
5. amethyst- low- 'the invisible way'
6. girl called alex- kurt vile- 'wakin' on a pretty daze'
7. queen lullabye- ty segall- 'sleeper'
8. only man alive- white fence- 'cyclops reap'
9. calling cards- neko case- 'the worse things get, the harder i fight, the harder i fight, the more i love you'
10. seven hours- the fauns- 'lights'
11. bottom of a well- implodes- 'recurring dream'
12. tenement kid- primal scream- 'more light'
13. prodigy- no joy- 'wait to pleasure'
14. toe cutter - thumb buster- thee oh sees- 'floating coffin'
15. endless drops- the warlocks- 'skull worship'
16. she found now- my bloody valentine- 'm b v'
17. in our time- hookworms- 'pearl mystic'
18. living room- grouper- 'the man who died in his boat'

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