Wednesday, March 6, 2013

the screaming stars- 's/t'

I just finished this record. It's an ambient project that came about from a submission I made for a film score. It became my document of this winter, which has turned out to be a particularly beautiful one. A lot of these songs were recorded while snow was falling heavily outside of the window of the Panda Room (aka my spartan home studio) and the mixes were made employing some new techniques and using my 2-track tape machine and it's unbelievable warmth to render 44k/24bit digital masters. I'm planning on selling this record through a bandcamp page soon and was going to submit the record through online ambient blogs. If my release schedule (and money, of course) permits it and there is enough demand to do so I'm going to release the record on vinyl as that was how it was conceived, imagined and rendered. Hope you enjoy.

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