Thursday, February 21, 2013

diary 2.11.13- 'sleeping is a getaway from life as a fool'

Diary 2.11.13- sleeping is a getaway from life as a fool by Shalloboi on Mixcloud

song- artist- album

1. the animator/come to the city- the war on drugs- 'slave ambient'
2. 18th street shuffle- darker my love- 'alive as you are'
3. crystallized- melody's echo chamber- 'crystallized' 7"
4. falling out- veronica falls- 'waiting for something to happen'
5. love fuzz- ty segall- 'twins'
6. scared people dream- white fence- 'castle face group flex ii: son of flex'
7. where will you go- jacco gardner- 'cabinet of curiosities'
8. slow so long- speck mountain- 'badwater'
9. silvia, overwhelmed- the warmth- 'tourniquet'
10. john cope- talk talk- 'i believe in you' 7"
11. 1991- the fauns- s/t
12. don't ask why- my bloody valentine- 'glider' 12"
13. lime sicks- medicine- 'aruca' 12"
14. shadow- jessica bailiff- 'live at VPRO' 7"
15. half 'twain the jesse- jessica pratt- 'jp'
16. the only one- holly golightly & the brokeoffs- ''
17. song for a warrior- swans- 'the seer'
18. all farewells are sudden- a winged victory for the sullen- s/t

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