Friday, March 15, 2013

diary 3.12.13- rewind: the portland years (2002-2005)

Diary 3.12.13- rewind: the portland years (2002-2005) by Shalloboi on Mixcloud

i'm often talking about my time in portland. it was only three years but it had a pretty huge impact. i went through my troubled mid-20s out there, discovered a lot about what was most important to me and figured out what i didn't want to waste my time on any more. yes, it was very difficult and downright grim and painful at times, but i would do it over again if given the chance. this mix has existed conceptually for quite a while as music that i was listening to from this era transports me back instantaneously. i think this might be the period in my life where my musical palette expanded the most. i saw some amazing shows and scored some of the most treasured slabs of vinyl for practically no money (thanks jackpot records- you are sorely missed) that number among the most valuable albums i own. hope you enjoy. song- artist- album

1. i am trying to break your heart- wilco- 'yankee hotel foxtrot'
2. blue thunder- galaxie 500- 'on fire'
3. elephant woman- blonde redhead- 'misery is a butterfly'
4. grains of sand- opal- 'early recordings'
5. i'm on an island- the kinks- 'kontroversy'
6. vittorio e.- spoon- 'kill the moonlight'
7. serenade- arab strap- live on kexp
8. tijerina- calla- 'scavengers'
9. the squatting level- the swords project- s/t ep
10. a day like today- tom mcrae- 'just like blood'
11. satellite- elliott smith- s/t
12. shame- low- 'long division'
13. to be- cranes- live in vancouver
14. things'll never be the same- spacemen 3- 'forged prescriptions'
15. medication- spiritualized- 'live at the royal albert hall'
16. lose me on the way- hope sandoval & the warm inventions- 'bavarian fruit bread'

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