Wednesday, September 26, 2012

repost- my bloody valentine live at the axis in boston

I've noticed that this entry from 2008 still gets a fair amount of traffic. In the interest of that, and of sharing this thoroughly awesome show from their 1989 American tour, I've reupped the show to sendspace and reposted this entry (and also updated the old entry). setlist-

1. emptiness inside
2. you never should
3. cigarette in your bed
4. sueisfine
5. cupid come
6. lose my breath
7. nothing much to lose
8. thorn
9. soft as snow (but warm inside)
10. feed me with your kiss
11. when you wake (you're still in a dream)
12. slow
13. you made me realise
14. lovelee sweet darlene

I'm planning on reupping the Detroit St. Andrew's Hall recording from 1989 as well- just need to re-edit it into individual tracks. Stay tuned. And enjoy!

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