Thursday, September 13, 2012

diary 9.8.12- your deck of trick cards

song- artist- album

1. stairway to the best party in the universe- the brian jonestown massacre- 'aufheben'
2. best night- the war on drugs- 'slave ambient'
3. alameda- elliott smith- 'either/or'
4. a mirage- edith frost- 'it's a game'
5. dear john- holly golightly- 'slowly but surely'
6. cracking eggs- my best fiend- 'in ghostlike fading'
7. zoned- moon duo- moon duo/psychic ills split 7"
8. the dream- thee oh sees- 'carrion crawler/the dream'
9. diddy wah diddy- ty segall- 'slaughterhouse'
10. i can't explain- the who- 'i can't explain' 7"
11. when the levee breaks- led zeppelin- 'iv'
12. johnssong- lower dens- 'i get nervous' 7"
13. lazuli- beach house- 'bloom'
14. rembihnútur- sigur rós- 'valtari'
15. stormy clouds- the verve- 'videos 96-98' vhs
16. i only have eyes for you- the flamingos- 'i only have eyes for you' 7"

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